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:a call forpureworship
Question of the morning:
Is the God of the OTdifferentthan the God of the NT?
Addressing an objection…
The problem with Christianity today:“Our incessant habit of reaching back into the Old Covenant concepts, teachings, sayings, and narratives.” (p. 91)Modern Christianity relies too much on the Old Testament.
Proposed Solution:“Unhitching our teaching of what it means to follow Jesusfrom all things Old Covenant.” (p. 315)
Date:Malachi was most likely a contemporary ofEzra and Nehemiah (mid-fifth century B.C.)
Circumstances:- Political insignificance- Subjugation to a foreign power- Persistent opposition from their neighbors- An inferior temple
Reading section by section…
Main points/themes.Does this present God with a different character than what we see in the NT?Potential applications for today:
Section 1: Mal. 1:1-5
God has a covenantal love for the Israelites.Does God have a covenantal love for His people today?Potential applications for today:
Section 2: Mal. 1:6-2:9
God is rejecting Israel because they no longer honor or fear him.Does God expect honor and fear from His people today?Potential applications for today:
Section 3: Mal. 2:10-16
God judges Israel because of faithless husbands.(husbands divorcing their wives)Does God still demand husbands be faithful to their wives?Potential applications for today:
Section 4: Mal. 2:17... (grievance 1)
God judges Israel because they declare evil to be good.Does God still condemn evil and those who declare evil to be good?Potential applications for today:
Section 4: Mal. 2:17… (grievance 2)
The Israelites accuse God of being unjust.Are we allowed to accuse God of being unjust today?Potential applications for today:





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