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Lung Cancer -

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Lung Cancer
Background and Developments regarding the Role of Asbestos as a Cause of Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer: Medical Aspects of Causation
AneuploidyUnlimited cell reproduction and failure of cell deathAnimal StudiesBasic Toxicology
New Data on Causation
New StudiesNew StatisticsNumber of casesYears since cessationNew Research on DNA and toxicology
Lung Cancer Causation
Smoking as a CauseOther agentsRadonSilicaIndustrial Plant ExposureRefineryOther types of plants
Lung Cancer Causation: Asbestos as a Cause
Lung cancer has historically (early 20thCentury) been associated with certain exposures to asbestos;Selikoffstudies of Insulators;Usefulness of Historical data for lung cancer in 2014
Plaintiff Arguments on Lung Cancer Causation
Do not need Asbestosis to Attribute Lung Cancer to Asbestos
The Role of Animal Studies
Dr. Brody and Photomicrographs
The Role of Epidemiology
Case Reports and Animal Studies can be includedAre some studies better than others?If so, which ones and Why?
At What Level of Asbestos Exposure can one attribute Lung Cancer to Asbestos?
Reasoning and AuthorityIncreased Risk – Does Doubling of Risk Bear on Causation?
The Role of Synergy
Old v. New StudiesLevels of Exposure
The Role of Governmental Regulatory Agency Papers
What is the science?When can they Inform on Causation?
Defendants’ Arguments on Lung Cancer Causation
Asbestosis is needed to attribute Lung Cancer to Asbestos
Weight of Science
What is Asbestosis?
Pathology –RoggliStandardRadiology – CT and HRCT scansPFT/Other clinical dataConfounding dataUIPSmoking related Interstitial fibrosisCHF
If Asbestosis is not Found, one needs to find Significant Exposure to Asbestos
25 f/cc-years of exposure or moreHammarHelsinkiOthers
Is Synergy Important?
SelikoffMarkowitzOthers: Additive v. multiplicative
Use of Industrial Hygiene Data to Prove Exposure
Usefulness ofRetrospectiveStudiesWhat is a fiber/cc-year and how does this fit with causation?
Treatment of Low Dose Asbestos Exposure
Medical v. Legal CauseDifferences between statesIncreased risk v. doubling of riskEffect of smoking on asbestos causationDoes fiber type matter?Ambient Air levels
Lung Cancer is not Mesothelioma
Chrysotile issueAmphibole: as little as .1 f/cc-year may cause mesotheliomaFor Lung Cancer, mixed exposure, 25 f/cc-year exposure or more?Helsinki
The Role of Cigarette Warnings
Post 1962Post 1985Complete Defense in warnings cases?
Venue for Lung Cancer
Madison CountyOthers – California, New York, Pennsylvania, DelawareForum Nonconveniens
Other Cancers
2006 National Academy of Science DataLaryngeal and Ovarian Cancer - epidemiologyOther cancers





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Lung Cancer -