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Adjunct Lecturer Recruitment & Selection

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Adjunct Lecturer Recruitment & Selection
HumanResourcesSummer 2015
HARP V.F.Posting (V.F.1.)Job Details & UpdatesSelection (V.H.)TheRequest toHireApprovalProcessQ&A
“Prior to filling a vacancy with an external applicant,Chairs are expected to communicate course staffing needs to all members of the department, and to consider the qualifications of the department’s existing part-time contingent faculty. Current part-time contingent faculty interested in teaching in other Fredonia departments are encouraged to apply directly to that department’s continuous recruitment posting using Fredonia’s applicant tracking system.”
Adjunct Lecturer -Posting
HARP V.F.1.“To meet anticipated student needs, to be transparent and consistent in posting and hiring practices, and to encourage diversity in hiring, all contingent faculty positions shall be posted using the university applicant tracking system. All postings and advertisements shall meet the requirements of Human Resources and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”All academic departments will have a department specific posting.Review and send updates to Jodi by 8/14/2015.Posting will be live 8/17/2015.Department URL will be listed – update your website!
Adjunct Lecturer – SelectionProcess
HARP V.H.“The university is committed to selection processes that are open, fair, transparent, and clearly communicated. Timely communication regarding the status of candidates and appointees is also a priority.”V.H.1.Part-Time Contingent Faculty“The Chair shall make recommendations onthe appointment of all new part-time temporary contingent faculty members to the Dean. To make the recommendation, the Chair completes a Request to Hire in the applicant tracking system, and forward it to the Dean’s Office and Human Resources for approval.”What does this mean??? (see next slide)
Adjunct Lecturer –Requestto Hire Process
Must have Hiring Manager access to Interview Exchange – contact HRClick on candidate’s name - RecommendationTitle of Request-to-Hire(RTH) should be:LastName, First Name – Adjunct Lecturer (Dept)Add approvers/Routefor approval as follows (this assumes creation is by Department Secretary):Chair – to confirm details of RTHHuman Resources (Leah Betts) – to initiate pre-employment screenDean’s Secretary – to initiate appointment letterDean – to confirm approvalProvost Secretary – for advisory purposesHuman Resources (Leah Betts) – to upload signed appointment letter and to close the RTH
Note – part-time professionals follows the same process with the additionof the divisional VP added as an approver.
Best Practices
Successful Searches rely on comprehensive recruitment effortsUpdate department websiteUse social media – it’s free!Confirm placement of adsStick to the rubricSearch committee compositionOthers?





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Adjunct Lecturer Recruitment & Selection