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Acts of the apostates -

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Acts of the apostates
Jude’s Warning Against Apostasy
TheBurdentoWarn againstApostasy(1:1–3)
Jude’s prayer (1:1–2):He asks God to grant his readers mercy, peace, and love.Jude’s plan (1:3a):He originally planned to write concerning God’s wonderful salvation.Jude’s perception (1:3b):He then realized that the Spirit wanted him to warn against apostasy.
Wicked apostates have secretly slipped in among the believers.
TheHistoricalExamplesofApostasy(1:5–6, 7b, 11)
The nation of Israel (1:5):Apostasy caused by unbelief.Fallen angels (1:6):Apostasy caused by rebellion.Sodom and Gomorrah (1:7b):Apostasy caused by sexual immorality.Cain (1:11a):Apostasy caused by religious perversion.Balaam (1:11b):Apostasy caused by financial greed.Korah(1:11c):Apostasy caused by rejection of divine authority.
TheCharacteristicsofApostasy(1:4b–4c, 8–10, 16–19)
Changing God’s grace into a license for immorality (1:4b)Denying the deity of Jesus Christ (1:4c)Degrading the human body (1:8a)Rejecting authority (1:8b)
TheCharacteristicsofApostasy(1:4b–4c, 8–10, 16–19)
Slandering celestial beings (1:8c–9): Here Jude gives a classic example underlining the seriousness of this particular sin.The background(1:8c–9a): The archangel Michael was disputing with Satan about the body of Moses.The back-down(1:9b): Michael refused to level a slanderous accusation against the Devil, leaving that to God himself.Degenerating into brute unreasoning animals (1:10)Faultfinding (1:16a)Flattering others only for their own advantage (1:16b)Scoffing and divisive, following their own evil instincts, which are totally devoid of God (1:17–19)
Dangerous reefs that can cause shipwrecks (1:12a)Self-centered shepherds (1:12b)Waterless clouds (1:12c)Dead autumn trees (1:12d)Wild waves of the sea (1:13a)Wandering stars (1:13b)
TheDivineJudgmentonApostasy(1:7b, 14–15)
Past judgment (1:7a):Jude reminds his readers of the fiery judgment rained down upon the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.Future judgment (1:7b, 14–15):Jude predicts God’s fire judgment on apostasy and reminds his readers of Enoch’s prophecy concerning Christ’s second coming.
The believer and self (1:20–21)Believers are to build on the Word of God(1:20a).Believers are to pray in the power of God(1:20b).Believers are to remain in the love of God(1:21).
The believer and sinners (1:22–23):Jude instructs on how to deal with three types of sinners.Those who are in great doubt(1:22)Those who are in great danger(1:23a)Those who are in great depravity(1:23b)
The believer and the Savior (1:24–25)Jesus’ministry(1:24):His current ministry (1:24a): Preventing us from falling down here.His coming ministry (1:24b): Presenting us faultless up there.Jesus’magnificence(1:25):“Glory, majesty, power, and authority belong to him, in the beginning, now, and forevermore. Amen!





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Acts of the apostates -