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Adjectives and Adverbs_ bad and badly -

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Adjectives and Adverbs:badandbadly
From theUWF Writing Lab’s 101Grammar Mini-Lessons Series
Mini-Lesson #3
Badis an adjective used after sense verbs or after linking verbs.Example: I feelbadabout missing your graduation.The food tastesbad.The child isbad.
Badlyis an adverb used after all other verbs.Example: Tom writesbadly.The chef cooksbadly.The child actsbadly.
Good Test Sentence
He smells bad because he smells badly.(He has an odor because he has no sense of smell.)
If the underdog wants to win badly enough, he can defeat an opponent who is physically superior.The instructor felt bad about giving the students a “pop” quiz covering a chapter that they were not assigned.Missing the train, Joe felt bad about not being at the game.Though the company did well during the war, things have been going badly ever since.The team felt bad about losing the swimming meet.





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Adjectives and Adverbs_ bad and badly -