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Drug Task Force - NPAIHB

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Swinomish Wellness Program
Suboxone ComponentGil Traylor MDChad Walker, BS, CDP
Our Vision
Reduce Health risks in the communityMinimize the impact of criminal behaviorKeep families togetherImprove quality of life for community members
Swinomish Wellness Program
State Certified Chemical Dependency ProgramServices Offered:Intensive OutpatientOutpatient TreatmentIndividualized ProgramsYouth TreatmentAssessments and ReferralSuboxone andVivitrol(Naloxone)
Why is it needed?
Increased number of patients seeking services for opiate dependency.Prior to program 1 opiate dependent person in outpatient treatmentLimited treatment options due to funding sources and remoteness of the community for sources.Funding process was taking too longAbstinence based treatment ineffective,poor localdetoxoptions.Limited Medication Assisted Programs in area i.e. Methadone orSuboxone-nearest 30 miles awayAs we change from alcohol to opiates, we need to treat opiate addiction with opiate treatment.
Treatment Overviewof Opioid Dependence
What is Suboxone(Buprenorphine)?
Narcotic MedicationUsed for substitution of Heroin, Pain pills and other opiatesBinds to the mu-receptorPrescription from Suboxone Certified Physician only
Why Suboxone?
Suppress opiate withdrawal symptomsReduces cravingsSuccess rate is much higher with medicationLower abuse potential than MethadoneFaster set up time, no added certification for Wellness Program
Admission Process
Chemical Dependency Assessment, dx of opiate dependence 304.00Refer to Medical Clinic for physical and blood work (our requirements)Schedule admit appt. for treatment program.Schedule Doctor appt. for physical.Treatment team meets with physician.Pt. attends induction appt. in full withdrawal and is written a prescription
PhaseI ~ 12 weeks
TreatmentIntensive outpatientThree groups aweekCultural Component-reintroduction to storytelling, nutrition, traditional foods, beading, history, crafts, canoe journey.Individual session per weekSuboxoneOrientationWeekly to bi-monthly doctor appointmentsUA’sStrip CountsIntroduction of Mental HealthGroup EducationReferral for Individual sessions(Basedon patient needsassessment)Evolving treatment ~ Empowering patients……..
Phase II ~ 16 weeks
TreatmentRelapse preventionTwo group sessions per weekIndividual sessionbi-monthlyMonthlydoctor appointmentsUA’sStrip countsMental HealthGroup EducationIndividual sessions as neededBased on patient needs assessment
Phase III ~Duration based on patient need
Maintenance programRecovery support groupMonthly individual counselingDoctorvisits as neededUA’sStrip Counts
Controls for Diversion
Pharmacy1-3x/week pickup at PharmacySuboxoneUA’sStrip CountsStrict diversion ContractHealthy community Tip Line-dealing
SWP numbers since July 2012
1styear admissions-408 still in program2ndyear admissions-2216 still in program7returning patients from 1styear3 Program Graduates detoxed off of SuboxoneCurrently have 24 active participants13 have over one year of sobriety!!
“Live life without the need of alcohol and other drugs.”





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Drug Task Force - NPAIHB