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DPA and Gas Production in W and Be -

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DPA and Gas Production from Protons on W and Be
Brian Hartsell
DPA and Gas Production in Tungsten
Ran the Mu2e target in MARS15 using the following parameters:8GeVprotons on Tungsten targetGaussian distribution with 1mm X and Y sigma6mm diameter, 160mm length target3 bins/sigma radially, 1cm bins axially
Peak DPA:1.4e-18 DPA/pGas production:H: 60appm/DPAHe: 20appm/DPA
Converted to yearly..
1.9e20 p/yrestimatedPeak DPA:260 DPA/yrGas production:H: 16000appm/yrHe:5300appm/yr
DPA and Gas Production in Beryllium
Ran an arbitrary case in MARS15:Varying energy protons on Beryllium target2 MeV, 250 MeV, 120GeVGaussian distribution with 0.3mm X and Y sigma2.1mm diameter (7 sigma), 10mm length target1bin/sigma radially, 1cm bins axially
Values are shown averaged over a volume of:1 sigma diameter1cm depth for 120GeVand 250 MeV, depth shown for 2 MeV
Results scaled to LBNE style beam
700kW case:1.3mm beamsigmas3.7E13 protons/sec100% uptime
Many thanks to Nikolai Mokhov for his input and support for the MARS runs.





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DPA and Gas Production in W and Be -