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ASTM International Committee F38
Vision:Routine, safe UAS operations in civil airspace through standardization.Mission:Produce practical, consensus standards that facilitate UAS operations at an acceptable level of safety. These standards include the design, manufacture, maintenance and operation of unmanned aircraft systems as well as the training and qualification of personnel. Committee F38 supports industry, academia, government organizations and regulatory authorities.
F38 Subcommittee Structure
F38.01 System Airworthiness StandardsSafe design, construction, test, modification, & inspection of the individual component, aircraft, or system;hardware orientedF38.02 Operations and Maintenance StandardsSafe employment of the system within the aviation environment among other aircraft & systems;procedure/ performance orientedF38.03 Pilot/Crew & Training StandardsSafe practices by the individuals responsible for employing the system;crew oriented
F38 Current Focus – small UAS Standards
Background:April 2008 – U.S. FAA charters an Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) to examine a regulatory basis for permitting small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) to fly for compensation or hireASTM is invited to participate in the ARCApril 2009 – ARC recommendations include reference to the use of industry consensus standardsSeptember 2009 – FAA queries Standards Development Organizations (SDO) for their ability and resources to produce sUAS standardsApril 2010 – FAA and ASTM sign a Memorandum of Agreement for the development of standards to support a new rule for small UAS
sUAS Standards In-work
The fundamental standards supporting the new rule:Design, construction, and test of sUASDesign of C2 subsystemUse of batteriesProduction of sUASMaintenance and continued airworthinessQuality assurancePilot/Crewman aircraft flight manual (PCAFM)Others as needed
ASTM F-38 leaders also participating in other effortsUS: RTCAEU: WG-73/93CanadaObjectiveOne set of standards worldwideBenefit to buyers: Lowers acquisitions costsBenefit to builders: Lowers manufacturing costs





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