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Dedicated Computer Systems -

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Dedicated Computer Systems
General Purpose Computer SystemsDedicated Computer SystemsEmbedded ControlProcess ControlExamples of Dedicated Computer SystemsSpecialised I/O DevicesSoftware for Dedicated Systems
General Purpose Computer System
A general-purpose computer is capable of performing a variety of tasksWhen using a PC one can perform a many different tasks such as spreadsheets, word-processing, browsing the Internet, playing games, creating music, editing videos and so onGeneral-purpose computers are not limited to a single task.
Dedicated Computer System
A dedicated computer is designed to do a specific taskThe single task may not be a simple task, it can be complexDedicated computers can only do what it was created for and nothing elseCommon examples are SonyPlaystation, ATM, Mobile Phones, GPS
Embedded Computer Systems
An embedded system is a special-purpose system that is enclosed in a certain deviceIt is not a general-purpose system, so engineers can reduce its size since its function is known beforeEngineers could simplify it in order to be easily embedded and cheaperTypical examples of embedded systems are VCR (Video Cassette Recorders), Washing Machines and Microwave Ovens
Process Control Systems
A process control system is the automatic monitoring and control of industrial activitiesA computer is programmed to respond to feedback signals from different sensorsThe operation controlled may be as small as packing boxes or as complex as the control of an automated bakery, where the mixing, cooking and packaging are controlled within a single integrated process.
Examples of Dedicated Systems
VCR – Video Cassette Recorder
A VCR hasa number of optionsrelatedtoits specific taskYou can find the following options on a VCRPlay,Rewind,Fast-forwardInmodern VCR one can also program the VCR to recordwhat‟son TV
Modernaircraftshave a system called auto-pilotsThisspecial-purposesystemhelps the pilot to travelwith very little human interactionThe auto-pilot automaticallyplotsthe route the aircraft needs to take and then the speed and altitude andso on
Mobile Phones
Technology has gone through manyadvancesThese advances have made itpossible to integrate very small dedicated machines into mobilephonesThesemachines apart from handling normal mobile phone functions such as making or receiving a call, can also handle more features such as sound management,messaging, use ofJAVA programs and more!
Global Positioning System
A GPS makes travelling in foreign countries much easierand saferThisdedicatedmachine, helpsthe user to keepon the right track to reach theirlocationThiseliminates us getting lost
SpecialisedI/O Devices
Specialised I/O Devices
As we know we have many input and output devicesApart from thegeneralI/O devicessuchas;keyboardsMiceMonitors etc…Someinput/output devices arecreated especially for their dedicated systems
A sensor is an electronic component which converts one form of energy into another;Asensor responds to some physical property such as pressure,flow,humidityect....
Sensors – Examples
AlarmSystems:When an alarm system is installed,many sensors are places around the building. These sensor detect movement within the building.Ifthere is movement,the sensor willset offthealarmsystemClimateControl:Air-conditionshave sensors to detect the temperature in a room. So, when a temperature is set, the air-conditioner will constantly monitor the temperature of the area through the sensor and reactaccordingly
Another common form ofinput devices are buttonButtonsare included in almost allcomputerizedappliances and these act as the main source of input from the user to the machine.
LCD–(LiquidCrystalDisplay) allowthe computer toshowtheoutput of something. LCD screens areused for exampleGPSsystems, where the current location on the map isdisplayed.LED–(Light Emitting Diodes) these screens have been around from the early years.LEDs are very small diodes that can generate a small amount of lightusuallyin thecolor green, red or blue. This type of output indicates various states of the dedicated-machine.Almostall appliances when turned on have a small LED which indicated that the machine has been turned on.
Software for Dedicated Computer Systems
Dedicated computer systems have specially made software which is solely aimed to perform the required tasks and thus cannot handleany other functionsThis softwareis normally found in the ROMof the dedicated computerasit never needs tochange.Dedicatedcomputer systems usually have a limited amount ofRAMso if softwareneeds to be changed, the ROM is flashed and the new software is put intoit





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Dedicated Computer Systems -