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Ayurvedic Reproductive Herbs -

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AyurvedicReproductive Herbs
Reproductive Herbs forShukra/Artava
Primary Reproductive herbs to balanceShukraAshwagundhaKapikacchuPrimary Reproductive herbs to balanceArtavaShatavariMustakaAshokaManjisthaPrimary Reproductive herbs forShukraandArtavaVidariGokshuraGuduchi
Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera)
Rasa: bitter, astringent, sweet,Virya: heating,Vipaka: sweet,Dosha: VK-, can be P+,Gunas: Light & unctuous, Part used - rootIt is the best ayurvedic male reproductive rejuvenating tonic herb.Used for sterility and infertility, promotes spermatogenesis, blood flow and tone to the reproductive organs and regulates hormonal function.Used in impotence, premature ejaculation and enlarged prostate.In gynecology, strengthens the uterus, balances menses with highvata(deficiency), uterine spasms, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and weaknessHypo thyroid - regulate thyroid activity.Anabolic, increases tone and strength of muscles, fortifies all dhatus, excellent for depleted sexual energyAdaptogen for stress, relax body and mind, enhances immunity.Contraindications - pitta andama, caution with pregnancy (spasmolytic activity on uterus)
Rasa: Sweet, bitter,Virya: Heating,Vipak: Sweet,Dosha: VP-K+(in excess),Gunas: Heavy and Unctuous, Part used - seedTonic tosukradhatu, low libido, infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation, and a potent aphrodisiac.One of the ultimate Ayurvedic reproductive tonics for both men & women.Combined with diuretics likepunarnavaandgokshura,it is very effective in the treatment of enlarged prostate and edema.It also helps in stress when used along with othervataherbs likebala,ashwagandhaBest preparation with other rejuvenating things, including milk decoction, ghee & honeyContraindications: Highamaand congestion
Rasa: Sweet,Virya: Cooling,Vipak: Sweet,Doshas: VP-K+(in excess),Gunas: heavy, unctuous, Part used - rootMilk Decoction - effective in promoting spermatogenesisTo treat enlarged prostate it can be combined withkapikacchuor saw palmetto.Promotesojasand muscle tone and coordination.Useful for sexual debility associated with nervous tension and adrenal stress.Promotes lactation, directly tonifies rasa andstanyavahastrotas. Helpful in postpartum, building strength and energy.Contraindications – none known
Rasa: Bitter, sweet,Virya: Cooling,Vipak: Sweet,Dosha: VP-K+, G: Unctuous, heavy, Part used - rootThe foremost uterine tonic and reproductive Ayurvedic herb for women.Regulates menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, clears excess heat that can condense the blood and cause inflammation and pain in menses.Increases reproductive fluids, enhancing conception and uterine strength, prevents miscarriageHelpful in menopause, hot flashes, irritability, irregular memory and dryness.Treats male sterility, low sperm count, and irregularity of sperm movement. Prevents excesspittafrom burning & depleting sperm.One of bestpittapratyanikaherbs, good indicators use include fatigue, low sexual energy, stress, irritability, inflammation, hyperacidity, urinary tract infections, and burning sensations, bittersweet taste, cooling and purifying to liver, blood, and targets pitta at main seat –smintestineBest prepared as a milk decoction, taken alone or in combination with other herbs.Contraindications - highkaphaandama,or respiratory or sinus congestion.,
Rasa: Sweet, bitter,Virya: Cooling,Vipak: Sweet,Dosha: VPK= (mostly V-),Gunas: Heavy and unctuous, Part used - fruitTonic herb, Nourishessukra, increasing virility, fertility, and sperm production, rejuvenates gonadsUseful in infertility, impotence, where there is an obstruction due tovataorkaphain the reproductive tissue.Promotes lactation, rejuvenates uterus.Helpful in hormonal balance with hormonal precursors that enhance sexual function.Primary tonic for bladder and kidneys, kidney infections, kidney stones, urinary retention, cloudy urine, soothes urinary tract and promotes urinationSpecific for prostate problems, urinary retention or obstructed flow of urine.Useful for nervous system, in psychological and nervous imbalances, enhances serotonin production.Contraindications - dryness, caution during pregnancy as has a downward action.
Rasa:pung, bitter,ast,Virya: cooling,Vipak: pungent,Dosha: PK-V+,Guna: light, dry, Part used - tuberOne of the best for menstrual cycle, regulates pitta and helpsapanavayuto descend.Hasphytoestrogen qualities, helpful to balance high estrogen conditions – swollen breasts, painful short cycle, family history of breast cancer.Has affinity for smooth muscle of the uterus, and specific for PMS with bloating, pain, irritability, and depression.Has effect on rasa dhatu and beneficial for purifying and nourishing breast milk.Contraindications - excessvata, can be too drying
Ashoka (Saracaindica)
Rasa: bitter, astringent,Virya: cooling,Vipak: Pungent,Doshas: VK-,Gunas: Light & dry, Part used – bark, also flowers and leavesOne of best for menstrual disorders, with excess bleeding, pain, and congestion, uterine spasms, dysmenorrhea.Affinity for uterine muscles and endometrium, uterine tonic to prevent miscarriage, prolapsed, and irregular menstrual cycles.Clears congestion formmamsaandmeda, when there are fibroids, cysts, endometriosis from excessamaandkaphainartava.Contraindications - constipation
Rasa: bitter, sweet, astringent,Virya: cooling,Vipak: Pungent,Doshas: PK-V+,Gunas: heavy and dry, Part used - rootAlterative, astringent, hemostatic, emmenagogueAffinity forraktadhatu – cleans, cools, clears blood of excess pitta, heat, inflammation, toxins, andama. Used in skin conditions – eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, rosacea, and herpes.Bleeding- stops bleeding by cooling the heat that causes blood to burst out of its proper channel, and clears congested blood that can cause blood to overflow out of appropriate pathway (used in inflammatory bleeding colon issues –Crohns, blood in stool, menorrhagia)Gynecology- used in congested uterus and pain, dysmenorrhea, clots, amenorrhea (moves blood), menorrhagia, and endometriosis.Contraindications – highvata
Rasa: bitter, astringent, pungent,Virya: heating,Vipak: sweet,Doshas: VPK=, primarily VP-,Guna: light and unctuous, Part used – Stem, leaves and rootsRasayanaherb while also detoxifying and cleansing the whole body specifically the liver. It is a rare liver purifying herb that in notVataprovoking.Cleanses liver for menstrual related health. Also used in liver damage, viral hepatitis, liver poisoning from alcohol, chemicals, or drugs. Repairs fibrosis and regenerates liver tissue. Used in aggravatedranjakapitta in pitta in the blood.Useful in all autoimmune inflammatory conditions, as well as inflammatory skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis)Helps heal bowels affected by constipation, intestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids, or dysentery, balances intestinal flora, helpful in candida and bloating, flatulence, and malabsorption.Guduchiis calming tovataand the nervous system in nervous exhaustionReproductive – clears heat inShukraandArtava. Useful in male sexual dysfunction caused by pitta imbalance as its sweet post-digestive effect nourishesshukradhatu.Contraindications - pregnancy
Cautionary Ayurvedic Herbs during Pregnancy
Ajwain, Aloe Vera Powder,Arjuna,Avipattikara,BhumyamalakiChitrak,Daruharidra,Dashmula, Ephedra,Gokshura,Guduchi,Guggullu,Haritaki, Hing (asafoetida),Kalmegh,Kutki,Rhubarb, Myrrh, Neem,Sarpagandha, Senna,Triphala,Trikatu,Vacha,Vasaka,Vidanga





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Ayurvedic Reproductive Herbs -