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Executive Presentation to Secure Buy In for Onboarding ...

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How Would Stronger Onboarding Efforts Assist the Department?
Research consistently shows the following benefits:Shortens the start-up learning time for new employeesHelps new employees become productive fasterHelps retain staff long term, causing less time spent training staff and in recruiting/interviewing replacementsSets the tone and attitude of new employees and how they feel about the supervisor and their unit
How Would Stronger Onboarding Efforts Assist the Department?
Promotes better teamwork and loyalty to supervisors and their unitsPromotes greater job satisfaction and better morale for everyone (i.e. unit does not have to continually pick up the slack when someone vacates, etc.)All of these reasons (and more) will create less work for supervisors if thoughtful onboarding practices areeffectivelyandconsistentlyimplementedHowever, theremustbe clear expectations communicated by upper management if this is to be successful
Onboarding Defined
Onboarding is a process in which new employees are assimilated into the workplace and given the tools and knowledge to become successfulTrue onboarding should begin the moment a new staff accepts an offer and throughout the first year (not just the first few days)While supervisors/managers are a critical component of the process, good onboarding involves the entire unit to be successfulThe new employee also shares a significant responsibility in making his/her onboarding a success
A Special Word About Gen Y and Onboarding…
While all new staff anticipate beingonboardedto some degree, most Gen Y will expect an even more concerted effort becauseThey often see the workplace as their new “home” and view supervisors as their surrogate “parent”They will expect an interest in their continual growth and development, and they will look forward to regular feedback and help with adjusting
A Special Word About Onboarding and Gen Y…
They will appreciate any efforts management makes that shows they are “keeping score” of their successes via good onboarding since they have been raised with a “benchmark” mentalityGen Y expects autonomy as well as structure—if management does not show them that they care through a structured program with milestones, regular conversation, and other techniques, we will have a hard time with long term retention
What Will Training Cover?
What are some supervisors/managers not doing in terms of onboarding?What exactly is onboarding and why should supervisors/managers invest the time?What is the psychology of new staff?What is onboarding versus orientation?What can supervisors/managers do to properly onboard staff before they arrive and throughout their first year?What can supervisors/managers do when someone in their unit is uncooperative?
What Tools Will Be Provided?
Our unit has developed the following tools to help implement a more formal onboarding process:Handout to assist with selecting a mentor and defining appropriate responsibilitiesMentoring Agreement templateJob Shadowing Agreement templateNew Employee Onboarding Plan templateDetailed Pre-Arrival and First Day ChecklistsVarious sample emails to assist with onboarding staff30/60/90 Day Check-in Interview Questions
When Can We Launch?
The module is being piloted to Human Resources managers as well as select staff in the Administration Division on 3/28Anticipated launch for other interested divisions is early April





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Executive Presentation to Secure Buy In for Onboarding ...