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Women and Reform 8 Sect OLV

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Women & ReformChapter 8 – Section 3
Mitten – AMAZ HistorySemester One
Women & Reform
Women reformersAbolitionTemperanceWomen’s Rights
Women’s Roles in the Mid-1800’s
Cultural/Legal Limitscult of domesticity– housework and childcare for married womensingle white women – ½ men’s paycannot vote, no jury dutyno guardianship of own childrenhusband owns wife’s property & wages
Women Mobilize for Reform
World Anti-Slavery ConventionsElizabeth Cady Stanton & Lucretia MottWomen AbolitionistsSarah & Angelina Grimkedaughters of Southern slave-ownerSome men support – others denounce
Working for Temperance
Many women intemperancemovementprohibit drinking alcoholalcohol use widespread in early 1800’s1826 – American Temperance Society6000 local groups by 1833
Women and Reform
Education for Womenpre-1820’s, few girls past elementary schoolAcademic schools for women1821 – Emma Willard – Troy Female Seminary1837 – Mary Lyon – Mount Holyoke Female Seminary1837 – Oberlin College admits 4 womenfirst coeducational collegeAfrican-American girls – few educational opportunities
Health Reform
Elizabeth Blackwell – Doctoropens clinic for women, childrenCatharine Beecher’s national surveymost women unhealthyAmelia Bloomer rebelsdesigns loose pantspopular with other women
Women’s Rights
Seneca Falls Convention – 1848women seek opportunities outside homeStanton, Mott hold Seneca Falls Convention“Declaration of Sentiments” modeled on Declaration of IndependenceAll but one resolution of Declaration unanimously approvedmen and women are equalencourage women to participate in public issuesnarrowly pass women’s suffrage
Sojourner Truth
Former Northern slavetravels country preachinglater argues for abolition, women’s rights





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Women and Reform 8 Sect OLV