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Study Quiz 1
When you are given an assignment, you are expected to:Appear at a certain timeSit in a certain placeComplete a taskTake charge of other people
Complete a task
What might happen if a passenger distracts the driver of a car?The trip will be more funThe passenger will have to driveThey are less likely to get lostAn accident might occur
An accident might occur
A patient is someone who isWaiting in line at the storeBeing seen by a doctorSitting quietlyTrying to hurry
Being seen by a doctor
My aunt will move to Florida after she retires. She will move after sheChanges jobsMakes more moneyGets very oldStops working
Stops working
Two men could not budge the sofa. This was probably because the sofa wasToo heavyToo expensiveToo oldToo likely to fall apart
Too heavy
If your dog is obedient, itIs friendly to strangersBothers your neighborsDoes what you tell it to doHas health problems
Does what you tell it to do
To accustom yourself to life in another country, you mustGet used to doing things in new waysIntroduce other people to your customsLeave your family behindLearn several languages
Get used to doing things in a new way
I am looking for a companion for my trip to Mexico. Which of the following is a companion?A tent that I can camp inA tour group that I can joinSomeone to travel withAn inexpensive flight
Someone to travel with
Which could be a concept for a new invention?A group of important scientistsA television commercial for the inventionAn idea for a machine that does your homeworkA scientific lab
An idea for a machine that does yourhomeowrk
Which of the following shows obedienceStudents use their imaginationsStudents help one another with their class workStudents are noisyStudents do what the teacher asks
Students do what the teacher asks
Kayla and her sister were not compatible until they were teenagers. Before they were teenagers, they probablyFought a lotWere always mistaken for one anotherGot along wellShared everything with each other
Fought a lot
To which of the following can a student be assignedHis or her parentsThe principal's officeA math groupA best friend
A math group
Good babysitters are always alert. In this sentence, alert meansWatchful and wide awakeFun and energeticNot easily upsetTrained in first aid
Watchful andwide awake
Which of the following is most likely to be burly?A babyA weight lifterA tulipA bicycle
A weight lifter
I was jostled by the crowd in the subway station. I wasPleasedScaredPushed and shovedShocked and surprised
Pushed and shoved
Mr.Munezretires at 10:00 pm every night. HeReads at 10 pm every nightWatches the news at 10 pm every nightGoes to bed at 10 pm every nightTalks on the telephone at 10 pm every night
Goes to bed at 10 pmevery night





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