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Online rating system credibility -

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Online rating system credibility
People depend on online rating systems for deciding their purchases.The problem of the online rating system is the credibility of the ratings. Sometimes feedback rating really reflect customers opinion about products but sometimes not.
Salhuldin Alqarghuli: [email protected]
Apply all proposed solutions together
Provenance-Aware:We need contextual information about the ratings. For example:Educational level of each user.The average grade of each student.Define a weight function that depends on the contextual attributes.
Salhuldin Alqarghuli: [email protected]
Multi-dimensional Reputation
Example: the eBay feedback system and students feedback in educational systems.The correlation among ratings can help a reputation system to accurately assess the quality of ratings.We obtain k trustworthiness ranks for each user, we aggregate these trustworthiness ranks using a simple average to obtain the final users’ trustworthiness.
Salhuldin Alqarghuli: [email protected]
Collusion Detection
Users may collaboratively promote or demote a product. Collaborative unfair rating collusion is more damaging than individual unfair rating.We can depend on several indicators for identifying collusion:Similar rating scores for similar products.Cast ratings in a short period of time.
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Online rating system credibility -