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Starting a Journal The way to Go

Starting a Journal The way to Go
Balasubramanian Thiagarajan
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
The Decision ??
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
To go Online or to Print
Or Both
What a Journal should not be
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
Should not be a basket where all sorts of articles are published
Should not be a closed one
Should not be a Red Journal
A journal without clear cut copyright, metadata harvesting and archiving policy
Focus of the Journal
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
This is what all indexing services look at
Focus should ideally be a narrow subject matter
The subject should be in confirmation with guidelines laid down by American Library congress
With this in mind – Decide how many journals you would like to host
Aims & scope of the journal
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
This should be decided next
Aim and scope should be as narrow and focused as possible
A clear cut decision on the number of issues to be published in a year should be specified
Supplemental issues if planned should also be stated here
Scope for book reviews should be specified
Editorial Board
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
Should be compact
Should be headed by a Chief Editor and four Associate Editors
Names of the Editorial Board along with their contact details should be published prominently in the journal site
Role of the Editorial board should be clearly and explicitly decided
Number of Editorial Board meetings that should be conducted should be specified. Online meeting is ideal
Reviewer - Selection
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
Selection process of reviewers should be transparent
Submitting authors can suggest reviewers
Reviewer should be a published author
He / She should have either of the following digital identification – Researcher ID / ORCID / Research Gate Member
Design of review form
Conducting orientation program for reviewers / potential reviewers
The Ideal Journal software
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
Should have easy online registration and submission process
Should have a credible and easy work flow algorithm
Open source
Comply with OAI initiative
Should provide metadata for harvesting by search engines
Should have facility for counting article download numbers
Should have facility for XML conversion of published articles and issues
Free Journal Software
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
Open Journal Systems
Modified content management systems likeJoomla/Drupaletc
DOI number / Article ID
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
Digital ID for published articles is a must. (Crossref)
DOI numbering system does the job. It is a paid service
ARK numbering is a free alternative. Need to maintain ARK name resolving server
Without this number your article will be orphaned
ISSN Number
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
Application can be submitted only after publishing the First issue
Separate application need to be submitted for online / Print versions of the journal
ISSN number allotment is free
Before applying for ISSN number decision on the number of issues to be released per year should be clearly decided
Without this number indexing services wont index the journal
Decisions to be made
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
Is the journal going to be open to all or only to faculty and students of the university
Quality will be good if it is open to all
Author identification – Digital ID’s
Overall supervision of the functioning of the journal – Constitution of a Board of chief editors and soft ware system administrator
A Green journal should look like this
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
How the journal is going to be archived
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
drtbalu's Otolaryngology online
Thank you

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Starting a Journal The way to Go