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Introduction to the Engineering Design Process

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Project Description forDesign Project I/IIFall 2018/Spring 2019Prof. Dennehy
The senior-level capstone design experience will consist of two parts
Propose design projectsWork on a design project selected from the ones proposedComplete the design work in the Fall semesterCarry out the development work (manufacturing and testing) during the Spring semester
A few guidelines for the design projects
Required to have a fully functioning prototype by the end of the Spring semesterNeed to incorporate the use of composite materialsProject can be designed and developed using the capabilities found within the Department of Composite Materials Engineering
The design project proposal must demonstrate the merits of the proposed product
Think of the proposal as being presented to venture capitalists (if you were an entrepreneur) or to upper management (if you worked for a company)Identify the product areaDefine and quantify the target marketDescribe the proposed product and its pricing
Define the target market
Who are the customers for the proposed product? (including identifying specific customers you have access to – this will be critical later on in the design process)Quantify the size of the market (look through census info, data collected by societies/associations serving the target market, extrapolate data from representative sample, …)
Learn about competing companies and their products
Describe the productsReport the pricesDescribe initial product introductions and subsequent innovationsProvide any historical information on penetration/growth of new product introductionsDescribe products that failed to make it in the market and try to understand why
Describe the proposed product
Describe the proposed product (what differentiates it from the competing products?)Show by the construction of a work breakdown structure an understanding of the steps in the manufacturing of your productDemonstrate the profitability of your pricing strategy
Getting started – coming up with product ideas
Benefits of composite materials over traditional materials?
Benefits of composite materials over traditional materials
Specific strength and stiffnessDesign flexibility - ability to tailor propertiesFatigue resistanceCorrosion resistanceElectrically/thermally conductive/insulatingComplex shapesStyling (aesthetics)Parts consolidationPaint eliminationFiber patterned finishIn-mold colorLower cost tooling and shorter lead times (low volume and/or complex shapes)"WOW" factor (new materials, new technology)





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Introduction to the Engineering Design Process