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Issue of institutional arrangement_ centralization versus ...

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Issuesfor discussion
Viet VuConsultant to United Nations’ Statistics Division15-17 March 2010
Institutional arrangement: should GRPs compiled by regional statistical offices or NSO?
Why GRP compilation by regional offices?Strong demand of regional government to plan and monitor the development of regional economy;Fiscal constraint of national statistical offices.Disadvantages:Do not have full information on national activities at regional levels;Corporations registered/reported to local levels may have operations elsewhere;Problems in measuring services, particularly in constant prices;Discrepancies between sum of GRPs and GDP;Total staff in GRP compilation in the whole country is high and may not be adequately trained.Possible improvementEconomic data are collected within an integrated sampling scheme to satisfy both national and regional needs;Benchmark value added coefficients and price deflators prepared by NSO and provided to regional offices.
institutional arrangement: should GRPs compiled by regional statistical offices or NSO? (2)
Why should GRP be compiled by NSOAll the disadvantages created by GRP compilation at regional levels are eliminated;All information available at NSO can be utilized, allowing for cross checking of one region against other regions and national averages;Equality between the sum of GRPs and GDP is guaranteed at both current and constant prices;Statistical methods can be appropriately utilized and well coordinated by better trained statisticians;Regional political interference is avoided.
Issues for discussion
Institutional arrangement: Should GRPs be compiled centrally by NSO?GRP at constant prices: Should national price or regional price indexes be used for deflation?Indicators for estimation and extrapolation:
Issues for discussion(cont.)
Informal activities at regional levels:Should benchmark household income and expenditure be implemented at both national and regional levels every five years and on the basis of this benchmark information, estimate quarterly and annual information using employment data?Is it possible to have annual household income and expenditure survey for both national and regional purposes or is it too expensive?Should employment by both Establishment Survey (ES) and by Labor Force Survey(LFS) berecommended for developing countries to use for not only estimating informal activities but also monitoring employment in the country?Other alternatives?





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Issue of institutional arrangement_ centralization versus ...