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Investigative Response to High Risk victims and Children ...

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Child AbductionResponse Team(CART)
58,200 children are victims of non-family abductions each year100 – 200 of those victims are stereotypical kidnappingsApproximately ½ of these victims are sexually assaulted during the commission of the crimeStatistics from NISMART II
When a Child is Killed
49% are murdered in less than 1 hour74% are murdered within 3 hours91% are murdered within 24 days99% are murdered within 7 days
Statistics from the Washington State Attorney General’s Report on Missing Child Homicides
It is likely that the classicnon-family abduction will require a multi-agency responseAre We Ready?
Child Abduction Response Team
A formalized multi-agency response to abducted, missing and endangered children
What is the Purpose of CART?
To establish a multi-agency child abduction team that will respond to abducted, missing and endangered child cases in a dynamic, timely and efficient manner
Shared financial and personnel resourcesProvides expert resources to augment organized investigative effortsAssures the victim family and community that all resources are utilized for the successful recovery of the child
PolicyIssuestoBe Addressed
LiabilityCART resources and use of equipmentMutual aid/concurrent jurisdictionOfficer injuryUse of force/litigationPursuits
PolicyIssuestoBe Addressed(cont.)
OvertimeCommand structureBriefing of agency heads/confidentialityMedia releasesCART deployment length of time resources are made available
Policy Issues
Once policy issues are resolved then they need to be documentedTools for solidifying documentation include:Memorandums of UnderstandingProtocolsSOPs/Department Directives or General OrdersLetters of Agreement
Team ResponsibilitiesPhase I
Develop a response planResponse criteriaIncident command structureLead agency designation/CART CoordinatorAssignments
Team ResponsibilitiesPhase II
Develop a best practice policy regardingmissing/abductedchildren for recommendation to member agencies
Other Responsibilities
Seek training for team membersDevelop exercises for team training and testingRespond to missing and abducted child cases as set forth by the response planDevelop an after-action report on full scale responses to be presented to the agency heads of the member agencies
Develop and maintain a response manual for use by investigative members of the teamDevelop and maintain a resource manual to ensure immediate availability of resources
Proven Model
Training programs from January 2006 through  December 2017 yielded the following:279 active teams representing 48 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and CanadaWhen deployed, CART has proven to be a successful investigative tool in the safe recovery of children
Leadership: Ensure Chief Executive Officer (CEO)commitmentEstablish a Steering/OversightcommitteeMeet regularly until theteamis establishedDesignate ateam leaderwho will work diligently to see the process throughSupport the efforts ofteam members
Advice from Successful CART Programs
Be flexibleChoose motivated and committed peopleDo not give up working on your planDo not reinvent the wheelCheck your ego at the doorDo not put all your eggs in one basketEducate
Lessons Learned
Keep the focus on finding the childHave a plan and use the planRealize it is a work in progressDo not delay in deploying your team
Contact Information
AMBER Alert Training andTechnical Assistance ProgramA U.S.Department of Justice InitiativeAdministered through theNational Criminal Justice Training Center ofFoxValley Technical CollegePhone:877-71-AMBER (877-712-6237)Email:[email protected]





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Investigative Response to High Risk victims and Children ...