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Alternative Pathways for Grade Promotion and Graduation
Act 833 (HB1015)Alternative Pathway forPromotion and Graduation
IEP teams of certain students with disabilities have the option of determining what a student must perform to move to the next grade (promotion) or graduate.Some students may havetheir IEPgoals be considered as a requirement for grade promotion and earning credits toward graduation.
WhichStudents are Eligible?
PromotionDid not pass standardized test(prior year)Did not meet requirements for promotion (prior year)GraduationDid not pass standardized tests:any two (2) of most recent three (3) years; or,two (2) administrations of any End-of-Coursetest.
Which Students are NOT Eligible?
Students with disabilities who have metrequirements on standardized tests or for promotion and/or graduationwillnotbe provided analternative pathway tobe promoted to the next grade orgraduate.
Requirements to Graduate
Studentswillcontinue to take all appropriatetestsfor theclasses for whichthey are enrolled.Student performance onstandardized testswill continue to count towardschool and districtaccountability.IEP Teams of students on an alternative pathway will establish performance requirements, if any, on standardized tests as requirements for grade promotion or earningCarnegie Credit.
Is AlternativePathway Lowering Expectations?
No.Currently, manystudents with disabilities are being put on ‘non-diploma’ tracks at relatively young ages. Decisions are being made as early as 3rdgrade that these students will not earn a diploma. This alternative pathway will give the students with disabilities the opportunity to work towards goals withoutbeing taken offof adiploma pathway.
Get Ready for Changes
Within 30 days of the student entering the grade level or high school course, the IEP team must establishminimumperformancerequirements relevant to promotion or graduation requirementsPerformancerequirements established by theIEP team include, but are not limited to,what a student must score on the standardized assessment or end of coursetests.
Focus for 2014-2015
Within the first 30 days:High school students who have a way to earn enough Carnegie Units prior to turning 22.All young students (freshman/sophomores)Older students who have some Carnegie UnitsHigh School Students on LAA-1Eighth Grade Students at risk of not being promoted to High SchoolEver after:Include alternative requirements in IEPs of eligible students.
What does not change?
All rights and responsibilities related to the Individual with Disabilities Education ActAccess to the Academic Curriculum that all students are learningIEPs should continue to be aligned with the curriculumParticipation on Standardized AssessmentsParent/Student Rights
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Grassroots Advocacy_ Effectively Educating Lawmakers to ...