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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative City of Wichita

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Greenhouse Gas Reduction InitiativeCity of Wichita
John StarkAir Quality Program SupervisorJanuary 8, 2010
Local Benefits to Reducing Greenhouse Gases
Potential to reduce operating costsEnergy conservationFleet maintenanceRecycling of materialsWaste reductionPublic health improvementsReduce respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis and asthmaCo-benefit of criteria pollutant emissions reductionImproved air quality with reduced urban smog
Cities have asignificantrole to play in addressing climate change.Examples:Local governments can help meet air quality standards for currently regulated pollutants by reducing their greenhouse gasemissions (co-benefits).Municipal facilities offer significant opportunities for cost-effective greenhouse gas reduction efforts that can trim expenses while helping the environment.Local governments have regulatory authority over many direct and indirect sources of greenhouse gas emissions such as:defining land-use, zoning, and transportation policyoperating landfillsmonitoring air qualitypassing and enforcing building codesdefining procurement policiesregulating parking.Cities may be vulnerable to the potential impacts of climate change and thus have a stake in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
·Air pollution source annual inspections·Air monitoring network·Air Quality Improvement Task Force list ofcurrentprojectsoIdentify air quality issues when developing transportation plans to reduce vehicle miles traveled and include in various planning documents including the comprehensive planoDevelop a community awareness and education program.oEncourage acquisition of more environmental friendly buses and transit system, promoting use of alternative fuels and electric or hybrid vehicles.oContinued enforcement of local ordinances on visible emissions from vehiclesoContinued development of Wichita Intelligent Transportation SystemoGas cap replacement program to reduce vapor emissions from vehiclesoExplore the use of alternative fuels for government vehicle fleetsoExplore the use of hybrid vehicles for government fleetsoCity of Wichita Pilot Project - Underground Storage Tank Retrofit for Phase I vapor recoveryoSupport of rail corridor improvements that enhance traffic flowoVoluntaryvehicle emissions testing programoReinstate Pollution Prevention Program for voluntary emission reductions at area small businesses, thus helping identify areas for emission reductions at their facilitiesoVoluntary use of Phase I vapor recovery by local businessesoContinued encouragement of establishing biking and hiking paths and their useoPromote electric & mulching lawn mowers & “No-Spill” gas cans.oVan pooling by commutersoCar pooling
City of Wichita Environmental Health DepartmentAirQualityProgram Projects
Develop a Local Emissions Inventory for City of Wichita(government operations only)
Base year 2006 – (first inventory)Major source was electricity usageInventory completed for 2007Energy usage increased by 8%Inventory nearly final for 2008Will show additional increase in energy usageBright spot – City captures methane from landfill and sells to nearby alcohol plant as fuel – emissions avoided are greater than total City GHG emissions from all other sources.
The Health, Environmental, & Economic Effects of Air Pollution Reducethe Quality of Lifefor All Of Us





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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative City of Wichita