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Grant writing - Southeast Missouri State University

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Grant writing
The Basics
Why grants?
Why is grant writing such a hot button topic?Words matterIt will be all they have!Steps in the process (Koch 8-10)Abstract—Intro—Organizational description—Statement of need—Goals/objectives—Activities/outcomes—Evaluation—Dissemination—Budget/constraintsMust be familiar with who you are, what you want, and who you can get it fromWho are you?Grassroots, social service agency, advocacy groups, individual? 501(c)(3)?
Key things to consider
You absolutely must always address the “So what?” questionKoch p. 24-25Focused goals lead to measurable objectivesThis will help!Tell us who will benefit and show us that the project is doableExternal funding should NEVER drive your organizationDesign tricksBenefitmany, collaborative, inclusive, investment, leverage, replicable, continued
In Your Office/area
Don’t be intimidated by the amount of work you have to put forthNeed to know institutional info, long-range goals, PR effortsWant good partnerships within your officeEspecially between budget person and the grant writer (if they’re different)Know the needs and accomplishments of your organization (KK113)Team-driven proposals are toughAnd they are NEVER written by an actual teamFind quantifiable data on your efforts, know the relationships you have, and figure out who you are competing against!
Must have a hook!
Be persuasive!This will create the link with the grantorNeed to know their POVDirect service, research, research for policy, research for activism, education,activismIdeology 100% can matterUse buzzwordsCan make or break some proposals
Questions to consider about where to apply
Eligible?Geography?Subject matter?RFP?Amount of money?Problem-solving approach?There are trends!Foundation considerations (Koch 43)
What to look for
Must match started goals, preferences, and limitations of grantorwww.foundationcenter.orgIRS990-PF (KK 86)What grants have they made?Koch p. 33—roadmapConferences and workshops
Know your audience: foundations
Effect social changeAssociatewith greatnessPeerreview with criteriaPaperyou write for class—build caseNoassurance of being read in fullNational, regional/local, family, community, non-grant-making, independent private, federated, corporate, financial institutions
Know youraudience: Corporations
Visibility and marketingDifferentaudienceShort, bullets, clear link to them
Know your audience:Government
Need that needs addressedFederalRegister (designated period)Complexand time-consumingReviewcommitteesDepartmentalprogram officersTeamsof reviewersWillALWAYS know review criteriaPAYATTENTION TO THEM!LessfreedomHelpthem give you points (p. 77 Koch)
Advice Points
No two applications will be the sameDon’t be afraid to call programofficers (but be quick and on point!)See what they’ve funded latelyUse the teleconferencesDon’t do anything they don’t ask you toYou MUST follow directionsMust answer every question/topicLearn from rejections!!
What can I do to be prepared for grant opportunities?
Potentially needed documents (KF 60-62)Boilerplate materials(KF 63-64)Information to collect/update regularly(KF 68-69)





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Grant writing - Southeast Missouri State University