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“Great Is Thy Faithfulness”
Lamentations 3
Jeremiah’s Pain
He felt he was in a graveyard (1, 2, 6)He felt & lookedold(3-4)He felt surrounded, hemmed in, weighed down (5-7)He feltGod had slammedthe door on hissupplications (8)He feltGodwas out to destroyhim (10-11)
Jeremiah’s Pain
HefeltGodhad become hisenemy (12-13)He heard the people ridiculehim (14)He feltGodwas force feeding him bitterherbs(15)He felt like a man with broken teeth,grov-eling&pleading for mercy in thedust (16)He felt no “shalom” (17)
Jeremiah’s Pain
He felthewas in the depths of despair; all hopelost (18)
Jeremiah’s Turning Point
Lamentations3:19- Remembermy affliction & my wandering, the wormwood & bitterness.20Surely my soul remembers & is bowed down within me.21This I recall to my mind, therefore I have hope.
Jeremiah’s New Perspective
The Lord is merciful & compassionate everyday (22-23)The Lord is our portion;our inheritance (24)The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, & seekHim (25-26)The Lord “laid it on” us for ourgood (27-28)
Jeremiah’s New Perspective
The Lord doesn’t cast off His people & forgetthem (31)The Lord loves us in the midst ofpain (32)The Lord doesn’t enjoy chastening His own & He feels ourpain (33)The Lord sees the way His people aretreated (34-36)
Jeremiah’s New Perspective
TheLord is in control of allevents (37-38)The Lord’s chastening is evidence of Hislove (39)
Great is His faithfulness!
Live oneday at atime.Draw upon God’smercyeveryday.





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