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Conflict in the Workplace

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Conflict in the workplace
Job Promotion Activity
What is conflict?
A disagreement or argument about something importantA situation in which someone believes that his or her own needs have been denied
Basic components of conflict
Two or more people involvedThere is a disagreement between ideas, actions, beliefs, or goalsOpposing sides see their way as the only way to achieve their goals and objectives
What thoughts and images come to mind when you hear the word CONFLICT??
Who can conflicts occur with in the workplace?
CoworkersCustomersBosses or managers
What thoughts or images come to mind when you hear CONFLICT IN THE WORKPLACE?
Examples of conflict in the workplace
Being told what to do rather than askedCauses tension and employees become defensiveEmployees who have different communication stylesOne may need specifics, one may need the basicsShut down when too much or too little informationDifferent behavioral back-up stylesSome people avoid confrontationBreak under pressureUnclear job expectationsConflict for the manager and the employee
Causes of conflict
Poor communicationLeadership problemsIrresponsibilityShowing up late, not completing tasksTension between coworkersBad attitudes!
What to know about conflict
Choose your battlesHow important is the dispute?Does it truly affect you, and is it a serious problem?Is it a one-time incident? Does it not really affect you?Let it pass.Expect conflictNatural to occurDon’t fear itLearn to spot the symptoms early and see opportunities to resolve itListen activelyNever interrupt the other partyListen and try to understand what the other person is saying
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Conflict in the Workplace