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New Blood_Blood Products Policy, Transfusion Record, Consent

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Review ofBlood/Blood ProductsPolicy, Transfusion Record, Consents
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New Policy
Combines many policies into one.This is a extensive policy, so there are some helps built into the policy to help you navigate quickly to the information you needThe idea is one stop shopping
Helpful pointers
At the beginning of the policy there is a table of contents that you can click on any subject that is in blueThe computer will take you to that section of the policy
New Forms
The updated policy references required forms, they are:Consent for Blood/Blood ProductsConsent for Refusal of Blood/Blood ProductsBlood/Blood Product Transfusion Record
The Consent for Blood/Blood ProductsConsent for Refusal of Blood/Blood Products
The consent is two parts.Informed consentAttestation by the MD/ProviderThe nurse needs to assure the consent is completed, and in the chart prior to giving the blood/blood product (except in an emergent situation)Refusal for Blood/blood ProductIf the patient refused the transfusion, the refusal sticker is still place on the chart, as with prior practice
Consent witnessing:
The nurse no longer witnesses or signs the consent.This is physician’s responsibility.
The Consent for Blood/Blood Products
This consent is good for the entire current hospitalizationA new consent is to be used for each admission
Blood/Blood Products Transfusion Record
The form walks you through the process of administering the unitRead each line carefullyComplete this form and place the top copy in the patient’s chart and the yellow copy is to be returned to the blood bank transfusion center.Each form will be reviewed for completeness prior to separating and verified with a signature
Key Points
Be sure you have:Blood issue Time and DateIs the start time of the transfusion within 30 minutes of issue from the blood bank transfusion center?If not, return the Blood/Blood Product to the blood bank transfusion center
Key Points
Make sure the consent is signedMake sure a written order is verified for transfusionIf emergency release is necessary for uncross matched blood, MD must sign the Blood/Blood Products Transfusion RecordVerification by two qualified professionals: MD/Provider/RN, RN/RN, Transfusing RN/LPN
Key Points
Verification of two unique identifiers, medical record number, and name if the patient is identifiedIf a unidentified patient, the medical record number and account number are used
Key Points
Verification is to include three steps at the bedside or chair side:Verify patient using two unique identifiers onthe patient’s ID arm bandMatch the above with theBlood/Blood Products Transfusion RecordMatch the above to theblood unit identification information
Key Points
Verify the patient’s name and blood band I.D. are identical, if notdo notproceed with the transfusion.
Key Points
Transfusion must be completed with infourhours of the time the product leaves the blood bank transfusion center
Vital signs
Threesets are required:Pre (just prior to starting)15 minutes after startingPost transfusion (at the time you stop)Record the date/time transfusion is started and stopped
Change in LPN Scope of Practice
LPNs are now able to complete all aspects of blood and blood product transfusion EXCEPT:Pick up the blood product from transfusion center.Monitor the pt in the first 15 minutes after start of transfusion, including the vitals signs.These two must be completed by an RN.
Key Points
The Blood/Blood Products Transfusion form includes the criteria for Transfusion ReactionsWas there a suspected reaction?Yes or No (please circle one)If a reaction is suspected instructions are included how to proceed
Review of Blood Transfusion Policy
Please review the updated policy in the Indige System: PH1572A major change is in the re-banding procedure addressed inSection VI- Item F on page 18of the policy.This policy is reviewed and updated annually.
Competency Examination
A short examination in HealthStream has been assigned to you for verification of competency for understanding the current process at CMC for blood/blood product administration.Please complete during allowed timeframe





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New Blood_Blood Products Policy, Transfusion Record, Consent