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Food Package and EBT -

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Food Package Regulations7 CFR Part 246.10
Required:Split tender no earlier than October 1, 2014, and no later than April 1, 2015CVV for children increase to $8 per month (required) no earlier than May 5, 2014, and no later than June 2, 2014All other required provisions must be implemented no later than October 1, 2014Options:Yogurt no earlier than April 1, 2015CVV substitution option for infants 6 through 11 months of ageCPA allowed to issue authorized soy-based beverage or tofu to children no earlier than October 1, 2014
Final Rule Implementation Dates
Infants 6 to 12 mo.substitute fresh bananas at a rate of 1 lb of banana per 8 oz. of jarred infant food fruit, up to a maximum of 16 oz. (ounce)orsubstitute fresh bananas at a rate of 1 banana per 4oz. of jarred infant food fruit, up to a maximum of 16 oz. (piece/count)Infants 9 mo. through 12 mo.Cash-value voucher to purchaseFRESHfruits and vegetables in lieu of a portion of the commercial jarred infant food fruits and vegetables ($ value)SAs may opt to implement both options
State Agency Options for Infants
Infants in FoodPkgII or III6 to 12 mo.May receive bananas by a countorouncesand will still receive portion of jarred infant F/V (ounces)9 mo. To 12 mo.Mayreceive banana substitution (noted above) ANDCash-value voucher for FRESH fruits and vegetablesand will still receive portion of jarred infant F/V (ounces)Split tender is required no later than April 1, 2015
SA Considerations forOptions
Purpose for this segment:To discuss the technical aspects related to EBT implementation of thetheWIC Final Food Package ruleOptional Substitutions Allowed:Yogurt for milkCash Value Voucher for jarred infant fruit & vegetablesFresh Banana options for jarred infant fruit
Food Package and EBT
YogurtTreat like Cheese/tofu with a separate Food Category and subcategoriesBe aware that whole andlowfatyogurts must be managed for different food packages.Establish subcategories by fat contentSelect yogurt substitution from clinic, not at storeUnit of measure – gallons for fluid milkYogurt is sold in ounces
Food Package and EBT
$4 or $8 Cash Value Benefit for fresh F/V in Lieu of Jarred Infant Fruit and VegetablesThis one is easy – A State agency will issue using Category 19, subcategory 001freshfruit or vegetablesNot all State agencies currently issue tosubcat001because frozen, canned or dried may be issued.This may be combined with other CVB if fresh only.We do not see any issues in the current integrated cash registers
Food Package and EBT
Banana SubstitutionSince 2009, we’ve sought a potential solution to no availA fundamental Operating Rule - a food item can reside in only one Food Category at a time.Category 12 with a unit of jar or ounceCategory 19 Cash Value fruit & vegetables with unit of $Changing this Operating Rule could havesignificantsystem and cost implications for every cash register now programmed for WIC EBT
Food Package and EBT
Banana Substitution (continued)Two Potential Solutions1. Convert the bananas to CVB equivalent with a unit in $.2 pounds of fresh banana X average price, orUp to four bananas (medium sized) X average priceIssue as Subcategory 005 Infant bananasState agency must establish the average price2. Issue bananas in pounds or as an individual banana (up to 4)Issue to Subcategory 005Bananas are usually sold by random weight so an exception process has to be developed in lane for individual bananasIf pounds, the excess weight cannot be handled by aggressive redemption functionality
Food Package and EBT





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Food Package and EBT -