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Concert Rules -

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Concert Rules
Set your mobile phones in the physical alert / silent mode. DoNOThave your ringer on during this class.When you want to comment please raise your hand and I will call on you.Do not use indecorous language and do not make personal remarks about anybody during the class.Do not discuss / talk / chat with other members in the class while the class is in progress.You will distract othersIt is difficult for the instructor to proceed if there is cross talk in the roomDo not arrive late to class.Do not arrive late after the mid-class breakIf you have a compelling reason for being late, inform me beforehand. If you are unable to do so, give me a reason after the class (I may require you to substantiate it in consonance with Carey School policies)Display your name tag prominently.If you must leave the class early or while it is in session, please walk out as quietly as possible and close the door (softly) behind you.Do not make audio or video recordings of class proceedings without obtaining the consent of the instructor.





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Concert Rules -