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Formal Observation - TNTP

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Formal Observation
2 per year (due byFebruary 7th& May 6th)Email all teacher formals (write up only) in a zip file to Melissa Kaplan, Ron Bauer, and Nicole Scott by due dateCompleted by Assistant Director or DirectorDirector must be the final sign offUseTeacher Formal Observation Evidence Toolformto collect evidence from classroomvisit, and the Teacher Feedback Form to provide teachers with written feedback.
Formal Observation Process
Prior to Pre-Conference: Collect teacher lesson plan and record evidence for Domain 1 onTeacher Formal Observation Evidence Tool.Pre-Conference(30 minutes): Discuss lesson plan,and gather and record evidence from Domain 1.Observation (at least 45 minutes): UsesTeacher Formal Observation Evidence Tooltoobservefor Domains 2, 3, and 4.Post Conference (45 minutes): Completed within three school days of classroom observation, discuss findings from evidence gathering, present and signFormal Observation Feedbackform.
Informal Observations
Complete6additional informal evaluations for each teacher by May 4.Use the Classroom Check-In Sheet to observe for any single domain at a timeInformal observations last 15-20 minutesKeep one copy of Classroom Check-In and make a copy for teacher
Additional Notes
Total yearly time commitment = 8 hours/teacherKeepall copiesin a teacher fileYou may add additional steps to the processe.g. self-evaluation, written reflection on feedback, peer observationsComplete first set of informal observations on Domain 2 by first Directors’ Breakfast





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Formal Observation - TNTP