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Computation Creativity -

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Computation Creativity
By Ayo J. Arum
Types of intelligence
LogicalVisualMusicalIntrapersonal (philosphical)Kinesthetic (body)Interpersonal (emotional)Naturalistic (environment)Verbal
Analytical – problem solvingCreative – ability to adapt to new situationsPractical – every day tasks
Howard Gardner
Robert Sternberg
Defining creativity
Creativity is the ability to create ideasNew (to whom?)ValuableNovel
Evaluating Innovation
Relevance/effectiveness – does it solve the problemNovelty – is the idea unique, original, surprisingElegance – does the idea look finishedGenesis – does this idea inspire new ideas
How humans are creative
Prefrontal cortexAssociated with problem solvingBlocks insightful thinkingAnalytical Intelligence
Right anterior temporal lobeSemantic hub theorySocial cognitionMemory storagePractical intelligence
Analysis vs. Insight
Analysis vs. Insight
Analysis vs. Insight
Analysis vs. Insight
How computers are creative
Blackboard systems – a group of experts (KS), in various disciplines are in a room with one blackboard.A problem is written on the blackboardEach experts writes parts of a solution on the board (KSI) using what previous experts have written.
Knowledge source
Depth first search – search along one path choosing the next node based on a heuristic function.Breadth first search – useful for gathering many alternative solutionsIncremental search – there is some prior knowledge of the search space, therefore the search space can be expanded as neededDifferential diagnostic search – directed differentiation among alternatives, process by elimination
algorithm for poetry generation
1. User inputs the text and constraints.2. Repeat Steps 3-6 until the termination condition is fulfilled.3. Blackboard monitor monitors the blackboard to see when something has changed or if one of the following termination criteria is satisfied:(a) The target number of poetry lines has been produced.(b) There are no pending KSIs in the agenda. If either of these conditions is satisfied, the generation process is stopped.
algorithm for poetry generation
4. As a new event occurs on an abstraction level A, experts interested in this level are triggered by the monitor.(a) Each triggered expert provides the monitor with its list of preconditions.(b) The monitor checks if the preconditions are satisfied.(c) If the expert’s preconditions are satisfied, a knowledge source instance (KSI) is produced, containing expert’s name and the part of blackboard to which it will contribute (for example: “Collocation Expert: epithet” ).(d) KSI is added to the agenda.5. Control component schedules the KSIs on the agenda according to the following rules:(a) KSIs contributing to lower levels of abstraction are executed first.(b) For levels 1-6: KSIs working on one level are scheduled according to the size of the subareas they want to contribute to (KSIs pending to contribute to “emptier” subareas will be executed first)(c) For level 7: Control-level experts are scheduled according to a predefined order.
algorithm for poetry generation
6. KSIs on the agenda are executed sequentially according to their order.7. If a new KSI is produced, all KSIs on the agenda are rescheduled.
main focus: rhythmical measure.form template: five syllables in each line.Inspiration:At the edge of Ecuador sits a rickety tree house (casa delrbol) overlooking an active volcano in the near distance. With it comes a swing with no harnesses, inviting only the bravest of risk-takers to experience a killer view.EdgeI like the borderMexican borderMexican borderO edge the stiff boundSouthern border!What is the edge?Southern border!Stiff dramatic edgeSouthern border!The weepiness waitsO edge the great bounds
Can computers be creative
Can computational creativity help us understand human creativity?Could computers (now or in the future) ever do things that appear to be creative?Could a computer appear to recognize creativity?Could computers themselves ever really be creative?
Types of intelligenceCreativity definitionsHuman creativity (analytical vs insight)Computation creativity(blackboard system)





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Computation Creativity -