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Chapter 6_ Concluding the Essay - IIS Windows Server

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Chapter 6:Concluding the Essay
Methods of ConclusionSummaryrecaps the main points of your essay, using different wording than you used in the thesis and topic sentences.Recommendationsuggests a solution to a problem raised in the essay.Predictionlooks to the future and may influence how your reader reflects upon the situation in your essay.Full-circle conclusionincorporates a word or image from the introduction as a theme in the conclusion, thus bringing the essay full circle to end where it began.Quotationestablishes an emphasis at the end. For the strongest effect, make the quotation your closing statement.
Chapter 6:Concluding the Essay
Traps to AvoidSermonizingDo not fall into the trap of appearing as if you are lecturing the reader.Starched ProseA writer who speaks in a natural voice throughout an essay sometimes will stiffen his or her voice at the end.Make sure you use the same voice throughout your essay.





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Chapter 6_ Concluding the Essay - IIS Windows Server