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MASTERColour CDM EliteLight BoostMASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W/942Concisetechnical datasheet
Version: 2011Aug
BenefitsExcellent quality of lightFlexibility with lumen output for scenesetting, and / or energy saving; whilemaintaining quality of light.Easy design-in: lamp and gear fit intoexisting CDM 70W luminaires.Controllable with standard DALI commands.
DimensionsCDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W/942
Commercial specifications
ApplicationsIdeal for use in places where “fun factor” isneeded to attract attention from shoppers:shop windows, high impact shop areas.Ideal when energy saving needs to becombined with flexibility in light levels:occupancy management; light boost.4200K lamps fit perfectly in shops with shiny, metallic merchandize to bring out a perfect sparkle
CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W/942–technical data
Dimensions are same as existing CDM-T/TC (Elite) lampsShape of burner in drawing is for indication only.
Specs for 4200K and 35W lamps may differ.
CDM-T&TC Elite Light Boost 70W/942 – gear info
Gear info - HID-AspiraVisionDALI Compact
DALI standard according to:- IEC 62386-102 Ed.1: Digital addressable lighting interface – Part 102: General requirements – Control gear- IEC 62386-203 Ed.1: Digital addressable lighting interface – Part 203: Particular requirements for control gear – Discharge lamps (excluding fluorescent lamps) (device type 2).Additional info for our dimming gear:Dimmingispossible60safterinitialstartDim level islimitedto 50%.Lowerdimcommandswillbeinterpretedas 50%.

CDM-T&TC Elite Light Boost 70W/942 – FAQ’s
What is new or different in this new generation of Elite Light Boost lamps?This is the first generation of new CDM Elite lamps, based on a patented breakthrough technology, which enables dimming to 50% while maintaining excellent light quality.Will the dimmable lamps fit into existing luminaires?Yes, both lamps and gear dimensions are according to existing standards. Also thermally and optically, the Elite Light Boost system fits into existing luminaires.Where and how can I apply light boosting?Light boosting offers an excellent opportunity for fashion retail to further enhance merchandise by scene setting or attention attraction (driven by a timed program, or linked to motion sensors or occupancy control).Light dimming can bring energy saving when 70W lamps are replaced by dimmable 70W systems and the 70W power is only used at times when really needed.Why do you limit dimming to 50%?The first generation of CDM Elite Light Boost lamps will maintain color properties at 50% dimming. Lower dimming levels would lead to visible color changes and color rendering drop.Can I also vary light levels with normal MASTERColour CDM Elite lamps?No, normal CDM and CDM Elite lamps will turn green during dimming.When I dim a halogen lamp, the color temperature will drop. Why do CDM Elite lamps keep color temperature stable?Unlike for the halogen lamp, there is no light-giving filament to change temperature as the power is dimmed or boosted.What is the effect on color temperature when dimming/boosting the lamp?Our CDM Elite Light Boost lamp is tuned around the 4200K color point, through which we can create this white sparkling light to illuminate the valuable goods. Depending on the light level variation, the color temperature will either move up when light is boosted, or move down when the light is dimmed. Do note that beyond our specified end-of-life point you might experience a small shift to a lower color point; this characteristics indicates that the lamp is up for replacement.Can I use the Elite Light Boost lamps permanently at full power?Yes, you can. However, in this case it is more cost efficient to use a non-dimmable system.Can I use the Elite Light Boost lamps permanently 50% dimmed?Yes, you can. The lamp performance will be according to CDM performance. However, in this case it is more cost efficient to use a non-dimmable system.
Frequently asked questions
Ordering data lamp and gear
For more information, please contactArthur van der WaterenProduct Marketing CDMPhilips Lighting GBU HIDSteenweg op Gierle 417B-2300 Turnhout, Belgiumcell: + 32 (0) 471 920361email:[email protected]
CDM-T&TC Elite Light Boost 70W/942
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