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Constipation in Palliative Care -

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Dr Katie Smith, Dr Charlotte Stevenson AND Mr JonHobDAY
Registrar UPDATE
Online survey
Surveyreviewed and updated toinclude additionalsectionsLink distributed by email from Deanery and shared on registrars’ online forumBullying and Harassment Policy distributed alongside linkReminder emails sent by members of Quality Group across all regions and year groups41 surveyscompleted (80% response rate)ST1 registrars have had limited time in post
Key Findings
High rates of overall satisfaction with training programmeLead Employer remains a source of major dissatisfactionVariability in educational and academicsupervisionVariability in placement experienceBalance between consistent training and tailoring programmes to individuals
Key findings
Less Than Full Time TrainingTransitionDeaneryExams & Assessment
Thoughts and feelings about trainingCommon themes or issues10 registrars, fairly representative group, no ST1sDiscussions recorded, notes takenAnonymousThematic analysis carried out
Standardisation of supervisionImprove consistency.What are the standards for supervisors?Often training is too registrar led.Better understanding and support for registrars outside of standard training.Better understanding and tailoring of trainingDifferent backgrounds, wide range of skills; work and responsibility levels need to be better tailored.Training locations need a better understanding of registrars and what we have to offer.
Better understanding of the deanery and SOPH functionGood support from the deanery.Better understanding of deanery function and policy would benefit registrars and supervisors.Recent changes in School of Public Health have shown a benefit in terms of quality of training and collaborative working.Improved HR functionThe most common concern.Current function is poor; basic legal needs are not met.Support is poor.Deanery support at resolving issues as they arise is good.
Achievements to date forNORTH WESTRegistrars
Group achievementsAnnual Event16 week revision programme and part A resultsContinuation of annual part B mock exam7 ST1’s completed the MPH 1 Distinction, 4 Merits and 2 passes (one of which obtained the Ruth Hussey award for excellent performance in the taught module)First European Public Health trip
Achievements to date for NORTH WEST Registrars
Individual AchievementsNational Chair of SRCFirst clinical lecturer post at University of ManchesterFirst placement at a Community Health TrustAn Academic Clinical Fellow (funded by NIHR)Firstclinical leadership fellowshipSecond placement at NICEInternational conference speakers3 registrars obtaining consultant posts





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Constipation in Palliative Care -