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KSHSAA rules and how they apply
Rules are based on the over-riding principle that schools with access to “resources” should not have an inherent “advantage” over the schools (students) that don’t have access to the same resourcesRules are proposed by the schools and adopted by KSHSAA Board of DirectorsKSHSAA rules can’t anticipate all possible situations school administrators encounter.
Activities Journal
KSHSAAActivities Journalserves as primary source of information/interpretations of how KSHSAA rules are applied to various situations.School administrators are encouraged to contact KSHSAA staff if ?’s arise that aren’taddressed inJournalarticles.Journals sent 10 times a year (monthly) to member schools, Superintendents and Presidents of local BOE.Journals are posted on the KSHSAA website – requires admin or coach password & id to sign in
Other sources of Information
KSHSAA web site –www.kshsaa.orgKSHSAA HandbookQ & A on a variety of topicsIf ?’s arise thatbroachnewissues– staff willreviewinternally as to current rules/interpretations and how they apply to the situationMay take to the KSHSAA Executive Board for their interpretation.
Challenges for Schools
School administrators – Principals – Activities and/or Athletic Directors have to monitor the activities of booster clubs, community groups, individuals & coaches and stay current with KSHSAA rules & interpretationsOften informed “after-the-fact”Most administrators are former coaches who know the value of participation in activities for studentsAll are “educators” who want what is best foreverychildThey are the “responsible” party should violations of KSHSAA rules occurVery difficult job of “balancing” a number of competing factorsTruly in “no-win” situations
Booster Club
Defined –An individual/group/organization or foundation thatincludes as one of their objectives toprovidingfundingforselected school activities, organizations or teams.Mayengage in a variety of activities but they are principally fund raising groups.For any school there may be one or moreBooster Clubsbutall fall under the same KSHSAA rules.
Evolution of Booster Clubs
Historically – schools had only a single booster club – purpose was to support all the school’s programsTraditional role – assist in providingfundsand resources (equipment)Growing number of schools with a multitude of “special interest” Booster ClubsChange in the dynamics of student (family) interests - Number of “single” sport/activity studentsIncreasing demands on limited school finances for a growing number of different and diverse responsibilitiesLack of increases in funding to keep up with inflation and increased costsIncreasing expectations of school activity programs – i.e. travelRole expanding to go beyond their “traditional” role in support of the local school
20-1-1 – AWARDS Rule
Basis for most of the answers to questions re: Booster ClubsFundamental premise – “Booster Clubs are considered synonymous to schools.”What schools “may” or “may not” do is the sameaswhatbooster clubs“may” or “may not” do.Differences exitbetween “athletics” and“activities”programsAll KSHSAA rules can be found on the KSHSAA web site –KSHSAA Links > KSHSAA Handbook
Key KSHSAA rule which Booster Club’s and schools need to be aware of:20-1-1f states that:“Member schools shall not be involved in fundraising or in financing students to attend outside school-training sessions, tryouts or camps in competitive athletics and debate. Booster Clubs, individual boosters and school or other charitable foundations are considered synonymous to schools for purposes or this rule.”
“May” do
Provide $$’s – to help purchase of supplies/equipment$$’sDonated to the school for use as they see fit - requests can be made as to the use of those $$’s but school (Principal) may use the $$ as they deem appropriate (see next slide)Growing item – school activity/sport contest/trip expensesEQUIPMENTK.S.A. 72-8210 – Special piece of equipment – permitted if could be used by any student in the school and donation is approved by principalCONSUMABLES (FOOD) FOR STUDENTS ON SCHOOL FUNCTIONSYes – food and/or $ to help purchaseCLOTHING-UNIFORMSYes – becomes the property of the schoolUniforms – must comply with NFHS rulesMay be purchased by the student at fair market valueMEMEMENTOSYes but there is a limit ($25.00/athlete/sport)
Growing number of schools establishing “foundations”Becomes a source of funds to help offset the cost of programs/sportsHas some tax advantages for contributors – will want to seek financial/legal advice if interested in establishingSource of funds to assist students cover costs of participation in school activityApplication process – Foundation Board – Needs based distribution of funds (do not give $’s to student/family) – help in purchase of items that are required for participation
“May Not”
May not provide $ to students to attend camps or clinics or to cover costs for student to participate on a non-school team.May not provide “bonus” or “incentives” or “gifts” to coaches in excess of specified $100 limit20-1-1f - May not be involved in fund-raising or in financing students to attend outside school training sessions, tryouts or camps in competitive athletics and debate. - Source of most of the ?’s and violations that occur
Paythe entry fee for student to attend camps/clinics (athletic or debate)Reimburse coaches who take students to camps/clinics (athletic or debate)
Booster Club v. Non-school groups (NSG)
NSG Examples – Youth Soccer team, Kids Wrestling program/team/club, etc.EX - NSG raising money at school event to be used to send club members to a camp or clinicThe $’s raised at such an event can not be used to pay for camp or clinic expenses that students from that school would attendHow is the amount of these $’s “tracked” so that there is no “co-mingling” of $’s?That becomes the responsibility of the NSG.
More Examples
NSG would like to provide funds for student(s) to go to non-school camp/clinic/competition.NSG could provide $’s that are not raised at any school eventSchool (BC) could not request/solicit the funds – that is the responsibility of the student(s)The school coach has some members of his wrestling team going to a camp/competition. Can he help raise funds for these kids?Coaches are by interpretation considered “agents” of the school. While the coach could provide personal funds to the student(s), he/shecould not be involved in the solicitation/raising of funds to help cover costs of the camp/competition.
Continuing with Examples
Students have been invited to play in anon-school team event or “bowl” game(e.g. ona traveling team, etc.) – could school/booster club help raise $ for student(s) to do this?No – the interpretation of the KSHSAA rule is that traveling teams, select teams, or organized teams which include any KSHSAA member school student receive instructions/coaching & would fall into the category of “training sessions, tryouts or camps”
When questions arise…
First and foremost - Contact the administration of your school when ?’s arise or before starting something – seeking approval is much better than forgiveness – or place students in situations in which violations occurCommunicate with the school administration – KSHSAA staff will direct you to contact and work through them if interpretations/clarifications of rules is needed.





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