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Construction Management Role Simulation

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Construction- ManagementRole Competition
The objectives of the competition are:
Most closely match the shade of the “control” solution – responsibility of theQuality Control Manager.Spill as little as possible of the blue and yellow solutions in the aluminum tray – responsibility of theSafety Manager.Be the quickest team to complete the task, using the least amount of the blue and yellow solutions – responsibility of theProject Manager.Perform the work skillfully and correctly –Laborer.
Each member of the team must operate under these defined constraints:
LaborerIs blindfoldedMay only useonehand to pour either the blue or the yellow solution.Pours solution to match the control shade according to directions of the Safety Manager and Project Manager.
Safety ManagerCan communicate verbally with just the Laborer.Can give only the following instructions:Movehand to the left/right,forward /backChangeto blue/yellow solutionPouror Stop
Project ManagerBears responsibility for overall success of the project, especially as regards to time and budget.Can override the directions of the Safety and Quality Control Managers.Has the authority to “purchase” additional amounts of blue /yellow solutions if needed.
Quality Control ManagerCan communicate verbally with only the Project Manager.Can only give direction to the Project Manager to use more/less of the blue or yellow solution.NOTE:The Quality Control Manager should be the only member of the team to be able to see the control solution.
Project Evaluation
Each team will be evaluated by the Mentor for your performance based on a four-point scale (4 points for best, 1 point for the worst) in four categories.The categories are:Safety–least liquid spilledQuality Control–closest match to the control shade of greenSchedule–first to complete the projectBudget–least amount of blue and yellow solutions used





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Construction Management Role Simulation