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Retailers mobile APP
Paysera Retailers turns the mobile device into a smart mobile payment terminal. It is designed for retailers to accept payments anywhere and at any time. This revolutionary application enables retailers to avoid high-cost cash and credit or debit cards operations. It saves both money and time.
What Paysera retailers APP does?

Accepts payments by scanning QR and barcodes.
Accepts payments by NFC tags.
Generates a unique Point of Sale QR code.
Enables possibility to review last payments and return money.
Paysera Retailers app is independent from location – works anywhere where data network is available.
Paysera Retailers Application provides a possibility for Merchants to collect payments for goods and/or services at Points of sale from Buyers who use Paysera Application.
Paysera Retailers Application – a mobile application for collection of payments to Paysera Account by Merchants, installed and used on mobile devices.
A smart phone is the only device you need.
Innovative way of payment.
Customers using Paysera App can link their payment cards.
No activation and monthly administration fees.
50 % less transaction fees.
It takes 5 minutes to download Paysera Retailers application.

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app 11