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A modern way of payment
Paysera is owned by EVP INTERNATIONAL, a licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania e-money institution established in Vilnius, Lithuania.
The company takes the biggest market share in it's country.
Paysera provides payment services in many countries around the world and currently has branches in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom.
Also, new Paysera branches are being opened in Belarus, Poland, Russia, Georgia and India at the moment.
Mobile APPlication
Paysera application is a mobile wallet.
It replaces cash, credit and debit cards – old fashione payment methods which users do not have to carry anymore.
All is needed in a store, at a gas station or in a restaurant – is a mobile device with installed Paysera application.
When a client has to pay a person fast, knowing only a phone number, e-mail or location, Paysera mobile wallet is the solution.
The application is connected to the worldwide Paysera payment system that is changing old payment habits in many countries.
Online Banking
Is free of charge
Global money transfers
Currency exchange
Secure internet shopping
Payment of utility bills
Mobile application - Paysera
Transfers to Webmoney
Transfers to Payza
Affiliate Program
Transfers to e-money systems or physical locations (soon)
Credit line (soon)
Credit card (soon)
Deposits (soon)
Free registration and account management.

Transfers within PAYSERA system are free of charge and proceeded in real time.

International and local transfers for the best prices; Transfers in euro to EU countries for only 0,20 EU.

The best currency exchange rates.

Secure payment online with no additional charges.

1% return from the purchase amount when shopping online and paying via Paysera.

Free payments for utilities via online banking (in some countries).

Easy account management via online banking and mobile application.
Affiliate program that gives users a possibility to earn.

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