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Effective Product Management

Effective Product Management
Professional Development
Effective Product Management
Format: Seminar

Duration: Five Days

Focus: Key Managerial Competency

Audience: Current and Future Product Managers
Effective Product Management

Product management responsibilities and its span of control can vary from one organization to the next.

These variations make the job of a product manager extremely complex, often difficult to define, and quite frustrating for some.

It indeed takes a special individual to be able to be effective in the environment where the level of responsibilities is seldom aligned with the level of authority to make decisions.
Effective Product Management

In most contemporary organizations the process of product design, development and production spans many functional silos’, each focused on adding its specific contribution to the final outcome.

Product management function is the glue that links those separate functions together.

As such, product managers are in the unique position to manage their product as a business. It is an excellent stepping stone to assuming broad general management responsibilities.
Effective Product Management
Benefits of Attending:

Aftercompleting this seminar participants will:

Learn how to set and achieve product related objectives

Learn how to thrive in the “matrix” organization

Fine-tune skills of negotiation, influence, and team building

Strengthen their qualitative and quantitative capabilities

Learn how to make decision in absence of perfect information

Acquire cutting-edge product planning and development skills

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Effective Product Management