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Global Travel

Global Travel
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Nature Exploration
Dominated by a harsh, unforgiving but beautiful desert and divided by the world’s longest river, nature travel in Egypt is something beautiful to experience. Sustain Egyptian nature reserves; stay in eco-lodges, visit Egypt’s National Parks and look for other ways to help. Nature travel in Egypt helps ecotourism thrive and set sustainable standards so that generations to come can enjoy the same natural wonders.
Ecotourism in Egypt
Golf in Egypt
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Egypt’s Spas and Hot Springs
Golf in Egypt is a hundred year old tradition since the Gezira Sporting Club and the famous Mena House Golf course near the Giza pyramids first opened in the late 1800’s.

By the 1950’s, there were seven world class golf courses in Egypt. Golf declined and most of these courses disappeared with the changing political climate: only Mena House (under renovation), the Alexandria Sporting Club and Gezira survived the changes.
Egypt has been a healing destination since ancient times thanks to its sunny and dry climate. The desert is ideal for treatments such as sand bathing and therapeutic dips in hot springs. Desert sands have proven qualities that heal arthritis and rheumatic pains. Egypt has rich therapeutic environments that attract people from around the world to enjoy its sand, climate, natural mineral water and sulphuric springs that cure numerous bone, muscle, kidney, skin and stomach diseases.
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Global Travel