Thanks for Installing

Simple Guide

Overview of the new start interface

start interface
  • 1. Recent Project - The list of the projects edited recently (click on item to open project)
  • 2. Local Templates - The list of templates that you had downloaded to local (click on item to create a new project with selected template)
  • 3. Online Templates - The list of online templates (click on item to download template and build a new project)
  • 4. Pro Templates – The list of templates that specially designed for Professional and Enterprise users
  • 5. Online Template Categories
  • 6. New Empty Project - Click to start a blank project
  • 7. Open project – Open an saved project from local computer
  • 8. New Project From PPT - Import an existing PPT file and start a new project
  • 9. New Project from Published File – Open a project from the folder that you published
  • 10. Sort Online Templates - Order online templates by date, popularity or downloads
  • 11. Search Online Templates
  • 12. Upgrade Account and Sign in

How to create a Focusky presentation with blank template for newbie

  • 1. Click on "New Empty Project" button to start a blank project

  • 2. Focusky provides many pre-designed background with well design for users. Open the background option, select a background or background color for your presentation.

  • 3. Choose a frame style, then click on the "Add Frame" icon or drag it to canvas to add a new frame, meanwhile add frame to the path.

  • 4. Choose objects(text, images, shapes, video, etc.) from function menu and draw on the canvas to insert.

  • 5. Click Preview button or press F5 on the keyboard to preview presentation

  • 6. Click Publish (or press F6) to enter Publish settings and choose a save format for your presentation.

    For more tutorial please go to Focusky Knowledge Base.