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Five Year Strategyv1

Valued Employees
Growth Focus
Valued Customer Interactions
Global Brand
CPI is a mission driven organization that overachieves the needs of our 3 key stakeholders-- customers, employees and owners.

We do this by growing our societal impact by providing premium training and content for professionals worldwide.

Our standards of behavior are paramount and focus on customer value, financial stewardship, and unparalleled quality.

We recognize loyalty is a reciprocal obligation to our stakeholders and this common purpose is embedded in our work environment.

Empowering professionals to improve their care & service to the individuals they serve.
OK, given CPI's mission, vision and values, what's our corporate strategy to nurture and leverage our 4 foundational elements (employees, customers, growth and brand)?
Every person possesses an intrinsic dignity and deserves the best care possible.

We fulfill our promise to customers by providing premium service and value at each customer interaction.

Growth is in our DNA.

We embrace change and commit to an open and honest culture.
Strategy 101

CPI bases our 'growth through diversification' corporate strategy on:

1. Existing, leveragable operational capabilities (eg marketing, inside sales, support center)
2. Our privileged assets (eg 31,000 CIs, 17,000 Orgs, global brand, mandated standards / credentialing, passionate employees)
3. Growth skills (eg sell deeper/wider, new product development, ability to integrate and grow acquisitions)
4. Strategic relationships (eg Alzheimer's Association, Joint Commission, BILD, Meritorious Instructors)
Strategy 102

Given our skills, assets and relationships, how should we assess our growth options?

These are CPI's 7 options, from low risk to high risk...

1. More from Current Customers; Increase the sales of existing specialized offerings and products to existing organizations
2. New Customers; Find net new organizations to buy our existing offerings
3. R&D Pipeline; Develop / acquire and sell new offerings to existing and net new organizations
4. International; Broaden the reach of our offerings to new geographies
5. Subcontractors; Implement / acquire new / emerging delivery channels (eg subcontract trainers) for our offerings
6. Clear Competition; Extend our market reach by consolidating the industry through purchase of competitors
7. Integrate Vertically; acquire / develop new offerings, and extend into new end markets
CPI reflects a spirit of community, interconnectedness, and mutual worth, founded upon 4 elements key to our success...
Wow-- that's a lot of information-- how do you practically weave this into a 5 year plan?

A core group of CPI's leaders (CEO, CFO, etc.) meets and analyzes options, chooses and prioritizes initiatives, and develops execution plans. We then monitor and benchmark progress to ensure scarce resources are effectively co-ordinated to maximize brand assets, feed CPI's R&D pipeline, and deliver premium value.

Of course these initiatives must hang underneath one of the four foundational elements of CPI's success.

For example, the next few slides will present the gameplan for turbocharging CPI's business / impact and grow 50% FASTER than what we've accomplished historically! We would look like in 2019:

37,000 active certified instructors
1.5 million participants
$100 million in revenue

Let's start with you, our employees...
Valued Employees

Our employees are a privileged asset, meaning it is very hard for a competitor or new entrant to replicate.

CPI has nurtured a caring culture with generous benefits. professional workspace and tools to be successful. Building upon that, as a response to increasingly complex customer needs, we will recalibrate our operational teams to sychronize their impact, clearly define how their activities are linked to business results, and tie incentives to our 5 year growth plan.

Therefore we will execute the following initiatives to better align our talent for collaboration:

Renew our leadership and operational culture by embedding our daily activities and support systems (eg Performance Management) with our values of passion, performance, courage and unity.

Structure North American Sales into one team to maximize each customer interaction-- incentives will be based on overall program sales (Open, Strategic, Onsite) within territories and supported by Training Coordinators, Sales Operations, and Client Advocates (sales consultants)

Implement an intentional Talent Management system to develop and standardize our roles, improve the selection of new CPI employees and roll out a Leadership 'Exposure' Package for high performers

The outcomes will be a more impassioned set of employees, coherence of strategy top down, sales maximized by customer, net new customer build, and a pool of upcoming managers as we grow.
Valued Customer Interactions Each Time

CPI maintains an annuity driven relationship with our certified instructors, participants and organizations. Critical to achieving our 5 year goals will be executing a set of initiatives based on the lower risk growth options:

More from Current Customers:
Leverage the re-formulated North American sales team to grow deal size, improve quality of delivery, and implement annuity 'buy' cycles
Assess each customer interaction point (support center, marketing) to ensure we have an opportunity to upsell, gain feedback and ensure quality fit transactions
Implement continuous improvement practices before, during, and after ICP training that harmonizes with CPI's position as a premium value provider of training and services

R&D Pipeline:
Offer MAPA content to North American and Asian NCI customers as widely as possible to maximize participant attendance
Introduce a new LMS to provide new 'on-line' offerings (eg Hybrid, DCS Therapy on-line)
Leverage technology is all service offerings to improve efficacy and minimize customer expense

New Customers:
Double the amount of 'reach outs' by sales to net new customers across the world
Global Brand

Global reach is an important part of fulfilling CPI's vision-- to achieve our 5 year goals we'll need to execute the following initiatives:

Build out 'MAPA for Education' in UK
Cohesively manage international operations to improve business positioning and resource allocations
Support new customers in China and Japan with an operational office in Asia
Enhance the brand with increasing attendance at the 2015 and 2017 international conferences
Build and expand the 'Restraint Reduction Network' to world-wide prominence
Implement CPI User Groups in key cities world-wide
Growth Focus

Since growth is in our organizational DNA we are constantly listening to the voice of the customer, tracking industry trends, influencing legislation, and executing research studies for efficacy proof. Our 5 year revenue stretch goal of more than doubling revenue can only be met by executing one or several of the following initiatives:

R&D Pipeline:
Build upon our Participant relationship by offering value added services relevant to their workday
Establish Consulting revenue stream (eg readiness assessments, training effectiveness, and risk mitigation)
Provide Classroom Management training with a deep reporting backend
Rollout an enhanced ICP training standards regimen that customers will recognize as 'best in class'
Implement high volume, low support (eg on-line awareness training) for families and caregivers
Thanks for taking a few minutes to review CPI's Strategic Direction!

We'll start at a high level looking at our:
4 Foundations
Mission / vision / values
Generic strategic options

And then dive deeper into our specific strategic initiatives mapped to CPI's 4 Foundations...
Thanks for your time!

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Five Year Strategyv1