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Advertising goals and Objectives - for girls ...

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Advertising goals and Objectives
Advertising Objective
Definitions“The purpose of advertising is to sell goods, services or ideas to a large group of prospective purchaser”.-Huegy & Mitchell“The main objective of advertising are to inform, to persuade and remind the target audience about the advertiser’s product”.- Russell H. Colley
Classification Of Advertising Objectives
To inform1.Telling the market about the new product2.Suggesting new uses of the product3.Explaining how the product worksTo Persuade1.Build Brand preference2.Persuade customerTo Remind1.Maintain product awareness2.Maintaining Brand Loyalty3. Reminding customer that the product may be needed in near future
Factors Determining Advertising Objective
Stage in product Life CycleAvailable financeLevel of CompetitionMarketing ObjectivesNature of ProductMarket SegmentationDissonance Among CustomerDistribution strategy
Functions Of Advertising objective
Serve as Communication & Coordination:Communication between advertising agency, advertiser and ad-creative team. Coordinate the efforts of copywriter, media buyer, advertising agency, message source etc.Criterion for Decision making ;ad-objective effect decision regarding budgets, frequency or repetition of advertisement, timing and designing of advertisement.Evaluation of advertising effectiveness;It provide the standard for evaluating the effectiveness of advertisement.
Types/ Approaches of Advertising Objectives
Two Types Of Approaches1.Sales Objectives (Sales approach)2.CommunicationObjectives(Communication Approach)
Sales Objectives (Sales Approach)
According to this approach the ultimate objective of advertising is to increase sales.General objectives1.To increase Sales2.Ti entre a new geographical area3.To increase profitsLimitation Of Sales approach1.Advertising not only effect the sales2.effect of advertising on sales may occur in the long run
Communication Approach
In this approach there is 7 stages of communication1.Brand unawareness2.Brand awareness3. Knowledge4.Liking5. Preference6.Conviction7. PurchaseSo according to this approach, the advertiser should determine the number of people at each stage and then decide the objective to move the potential customer closer to the point of purchase.
DAGMAR Approach
DAGMAR: An Approach to setting Advertising ObjectivesDAGMAR stands for “Defining Advertising Goal For Measuring Advertising Results”.This approach was given by Russel Colay in 1961.According to Russel Colay“The main objective of advertising is to communicate with the defined audience, the necessary information that stimulates action. Advertising succeeds or fails depends upon how well it communicate the desired information to the right people at right time”.
Characteristics Of advertising Objectives In DAGMARApporach
Well defined ObjectivesBenchmark and Degree of Change SoughtWell defined target AudienceSpecified Time Period
Criticism Of DAGMARApporach
Ignores Sales ObjectivesDifficult to Measure BenchmarkCostlyProblem with Communication HierarchyNoise in the SystemInhibits the Creative Idea





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Advertising goals and Objectives - for girls ...