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Governor- Appointment, Power and Role - PGGC11

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Governor- Appointment, Power and Role
JYOTIAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Political SciencePGGC-11Chandigarh
GovernorHead of the State ExecutiveProvision of the Office of GovernorAppointments of GovernorConventions with regard to the appointment of GovernorQualificationsTermRemoval from OfficeEmolumentsOathImmunitiesTransfer of Governor
Powers and Functions of the Governor
Executive PowersHead of StateAppointmentsRight to be InformedRight to make a report to the PresideLegislative PowersPower of Issuing OrdinanceFinancial PowersJudicial Powers
Changing Role of the Governor
Coalition Politics and Role of GovernorWith regard to the Formation of GovernmentRegarding assuring the majority support in the assembly to the GovernmentWith regard to dismissal of GovernmentRegarding assenting the Bills passed by the State LegislatureRegarding sending of report about the failure of Constitutional Machinery in a StateAs a Constitutional HeadAs a Representative of the Centre





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Governor- Appointment, Power and Role - PGGC11