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Resolution 1: Government Spending
WHEREASour Founding Fatherssternly warned us ofthe dangers of public debt, monetary inflation, and attacks on private property by unrestrained government power;WHEREASfederal government spending has doubled in just 10 years between 2001 ($1.9 trillion) and 2011 ($3.8 trillion);WHEREAStodays federal debt of $16.7 trillion is equal to $212,000 in debt for each family of 4 in the US – nearly 1.5 times the average US home value.THEREFOREBE IT RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Party affirms its opposition to the federal government’s unprecedented level ofspending and calls for Georgia’s Congressional delegation to pass a balanced federalbudget within5 fiscal years with no increases in tax rates for any citizen.
Resolution 2: State Sovereignty
WHEREAS in founding our Republic, theStatesgave the federal government only thosepowersspecified inArticle 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution;WHEREASthe Bill of Rights establishes that in our federalist Republic:“Thepowers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to theStates,or to thepeople.”THEREFOR BE IT RESOLVEDthe Cobb Republican Partystrongly opposes Georgia implementing the nationalized “Common Core” curriculum in our public schools and urges the Governor and General Assembly to replace it in 2014 with a world class K-12 curriculum directed by the State of Georgia;RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Partysupports requiring that federal funding for any function not enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 be either eliminated or blocked granted back to the States for implementation.
Resolution 3: EliminatingObamacare
BE IT RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Party supports the full repealof thePatient Protection & Affordable Care Act “OBAMACARE” and urges the Governor, Attorney General, General Assembly, and executive branch agencies use all legal and constitutional means to oppose its implementation;RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Partycommends Governor Nathan Deal and members of the General Assembly for opposing the expansion of the existing Medicaid program under OBAMACARE.
Resolution 4: IndividualLiberty
WHEREAS the purpose of civil government is tosecure and protectthe fundamental rights of its citizens;WHEREAS the preservation of Life, Liberty, and property are the cornerstones of our constitutional Republic andare naturalrightsbelieved by our Founders to be worthyof dyingfor.THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Party ardently affirms the fundamental rights of free speech and assembly; the right of full religious expression; the individual right to bear arms; the right of persons to be free from search, seizure,orunwarrantedgovernmentintrusion;the right of private property; the unfettered right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children;and that theright to lifeisparamount among therights;RESOLVEDthat that all persons be given equal protection and due process under thelaw;as such, the Cobb Republican Partyunequivocallycondemns anyact or policy that claims the power to detain citizens without full legal representation orpermits unmanned droneattacks onany person on US soil.
Resolution 5: PeaceThrough Strength
WHEREAS our nation was founded by brave Americans who risked theirlives tosecure the blessings of Liberty through armed conflict;WHEREASthe Cobb Republican Party ardently affirms the principle of “peace through strength” outlined in George Washington’s final State of the Union addressasa core principle of preserving AmericanLiberty.THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Partydeclares its support for anationaldefensestrategy of a strong,rapidlydeployable militarycapableof winning simultaneous wars on twofronts;RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Partyaffirms its unwavering support for Israel and our allies and recognizes that a financial policy of sound money and minimizing foreign held debt is a security issue of great national importance;RESOLVEDthe Cobb Republican Partysupports USenergy independence through the responsible development of a variety of energy sources including: nuclear, on/off shore oil, hydraulic fracturing, oil sands, and economically viable sources ofwind and solar energy.
Resolution 6: CommendingLeadership
WHEREASwe find it fitting to honorindividualswhohavecommittedtheir lives toorganizing and motivating Republicans in Cobb County, the State of Georgia, andbeyond;WHEREAS the Cobb Republican Party is very fortunate to have enjoyed exceptional leadership at the County and State levelfrom one individual who hasbeen tireless in upholding the principles of the RepublicanParty.THEREFORBE IT RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Party hereby recognizes and commends Mrs. Sue Everhartfor her 6 years of exceptionallymeritorious service as the Chairman of the Georgia RepublicanParty.
Resolution7: Right to Bear Arms
WHEREAS the protection of Life, Liberty, and property are the cornerstones of our constitutionalRepublic;WHEREASthe very source of Liberty comes in the form of unalienable rights granted directly to the individual from our Creator;THEREFOREBE IT RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Party ardently affirms the fundamentalright of allindividualstoprotect themselves, their families, andtheir propertyfrom all forms of violence andtyranny;RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Party affirms that access to firearms, ammunition, and accessories by law abiding citizens shall not be infringed;RESOLVED to oppose any government regulation that restricts semi-automatic weapons, the capacity of magazines, or requires training to own a firearm.RESOLVEDthat gun free zones are dangerous to people and urges the General Assembly and US Congress to enact laws that maximize the opportunity for all persons to enjoy their right to bear armsin every setting possible.
Resolution8: Sanctity of Human Life
WHEREAS for more than two centuries, our nation and its Founders have recognized that the fundamental right to Life was paramount among the rights.THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Cobb Republican Party ardently affirmsthe right to life of all unborn children from the moment of conception;RESOLVED supports the overturn of the Roe vs. Wade, Doe vs. Bolton, and the Planned Parenthood vs. Casey decisions of the US SupremeCourt;RESOLVED supportsmaking it clear that the “equal protection” clause of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution applies to unbornchildren;RESOLVEDthe Cobb Republican Party supportspassage ofahuman life amendment to theGeorgia Constitution and supports thelegal eliminationofabortion on demand inthe State of Georgia.
Resolution 9: In God We Trust
WHEREASin establishing the American Republic, our Founders pledged: “with a firmreliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacredhonor”;WHEREAS our Founder’s concept of unalienable, God-given individual rights has been under unrelenting attack for more than a century;WHEREAS thousands of delegates to the 2012 Democratic Party convention broadly and publicly rejected our nation’s motto “In God We Trust.”RESOLVED that the Cobb Republican Party declares its support for religious pluralism as well as the basic right of conscience of those with no religious faith;RESOLVED however, that the United States is a nation of law based upon a timeless body of Truth recognized by our nation’s Founders;THEREFOR BE IT RESOLVED as members of the Cobb Republican Party we hereby declare in firm reliance on divine providence: “In God We Trust.”





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