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How to graph data -

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What should you include in your FINAL PAPER?
Your final paper is:
An APA format experimental paperIt will include an:AbstractIntroduction: must reference information you include from readings or lecture!Methodsection:One general method section ORThree separate method sections for each projectResultssectionAgain: You can do methods/results for each project orPresent all three projects methods and then all 3 projects results togetherDiscussion: Again, reference information you include from readings or lecture.References
Basically a 1 paragraph summaryWrite this LAST….it is easierThis is very much like the last paragraph of your discussionTypically no more than 250-300 words (and this is HARD!).
Be sure and REFERENCE!
Introduction:Be sure and REFERENCE!
An introduction to operant conditioning shaping: You should include a brief discussion ofShaping (definition) and rules for shapingReinforcement vs. punishment and why to use positive reinforcementCues, poisoned cues and stimulus controlWhy mastery or fluency of a behavior is important
Introduction:Be sure and REFERENCE!
Brief Introduction to DogsA brief outline of dog developmental stages and why it is important to know the stage your dog is in when trainingIndividual differences in dogs: sex, age, breed or disability and why it is important to understand these differences when trainingDogs attachment/attention to humans: how and why is it special
Introduction:Be sure and REFERENCE!
Functional analysisDefine itExplain how it is used and why/when you might use itGivean example of how functional analysis can be used for solving a behavior problem
Introduction:Be sure and REFERENCE!
Tie 1,2, and 3 above into dogs and teaching dogs:Operant conditioning can be used on many organismsWhy use on dogs, particularly rescue and shelter dogsImportance of understanding theory of behavior analysis and not just learning training rulesYou MUST include a minimum of 5 references for this introductory section.Only 1 can be a lectureOnly 1 can be your book.Theremaining 3 MUST come from the papers we have read over the semester
Introduction:Be sure and REFERENCE!
Now a transition to your paper:“The present investigation/case study applies operant conditioning and functional analyses to a _____________ (describe your dog) and write a brief paragraph about what you did”
Introduction:Be sure and REFERENCE!
BE SURE TO REFERENCE (USING APA STYLE)the information you are citing. Use the readings and our books! This is where students lose many points!!!!!!E.g.:​Zapata,  Serpell & Alvarez (2016) showed that….Recent investigations have attempted to map the genome for fear and aggression (Zapata, Serpell & Alvarez, 2016).
And Results
Your Projects
You will report on a minimum ofTHREE projects.Each project should have a method section which includes: subject, location, and procedure sections, and a results section.Your three projectsmust include 3 of the 4:Aninitial shaping/operant conditioning projectin which you taught at least TWO dogs a behavior (does not have to be the same behavior) or one dog two different behaviorsAsecond shaping/operantconditioning projectin which you taught at least TWO dogs a behavioror one dog 2 behaviorsAfunctional analysissuch asthe one we conducted in class.Anadvanced skillsuch asNose workONE ofthe cognitive tests we conductedAn advanced chainYouwill describe the method and results foreach of the three projects.
Method section
EACH project should include:Subjects:describe your dog(s) (age, breed, history)Apparatus:describe our room, what toys, balls, treats, etc. that you usedProcedure:use much of what you included for Test 1, then add what you have done since!Results go in the results section!
Results of your first projectMUST include
Either a table or graph of your data for EACH type of activity (initial shaping, functional analysis, advanced activity)There must be at leastthree data pointsfor EACH dog or BEHAVIOR for the first project.You will want to demonstrate mastery or fluency of a behavior for each dog or behavior.Your results should DESCRIBE the progress across training sessions (in words) and refer to your graphs to support your answer.Graph your dataOn the X axis: trials or sessions or daysOn the Y axis: percentage/proportion of correct responsesTry to plot one behavior per graph so it doesn’t look too cluttered
Results of your functional analysis MUST include
The results of your functional analysisandany other assessments you didThe test results may be given in a table showing the points for each sub-test and then the final score.In your narrative, give the number of points your dog earned in each phase of the testDescribe the total pointsDescribe what these results mean: What “color” level was your dog? Was your dog a more social dog, a more 1 person dog, or a dog that was more individual/preferred to be alone?
You wouldn’t includeYour signature like I did,butotherswisemake atable like this
Results of the advanced projectMUST include
Results of the cognitive or scent task you completed:The score of each item and total score for an IQ test OR3 data points for scent ORResults (x/10) for each item on the Imitation tasksAgain, you should provide a table or a graph to visually display your data.Describe your results in words: What happened and what does this mean?
Describe briefly your project and data again in a summary paragraph(tell the reader what you just told them!)
Tie your discussion back to the literature and your introduction!Did the functional analysis provide sufficient data?Did the treatments/training work? Why or why not and how did you know?Did your dog act like you expected? Why or why not?How did your dog’s disabilities or history (e.g., shelter) affect your dog’s behavior, and how did this influence your “treatment”Be sure and site at least five of the articleswe discussed in class to support your analyses of your data.
Next:Critique your case study:What was well done what was NOT well done, and why?What would you change about how the class was run and why? (yes, really….let me have it!)What was well done and why? (so what would you keep).
Final paragraph is like the abstract- a summary of the research project.Summarize your project (kind of like the abstract but a summary!)
REFERENCE as if you were writing any other term paper for a classInclude your references in a reference section!I am looking for a great paper to nominate for the LauraBerkwriting award… a good job and it might be yours!





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How to graph data -