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A meeting of the enrolled members of a political party held during consecutive hours at which such members or electors may, without assembling at the same hour, vote by a secret ballot for candidates for nomination to office or for town committee members.
Reference guides for primaries
Connecticut State statutesInstructions from SOTS office prior to a primaryState of Connecticut calendar for registrarsROVAC handbookOther registrars
Possible primaries
Presidential Preference Primary-every 4 years…last Tuesday in April in ConnecticutGubernatorial & Presidential even years-State, District & Municipal PrimaryGubernatorial & Presidential even years-Town Committee Primary-1stTuesday in MarchMunicipal Primary-odd numbered years-56thday preceding the day of the election
Possible # of primaries in a year
Presidential Year:1. Town Committee2. Presidential3. State, District, and Municipal OfficesGubernatorial Year:1. Town Committee2. State, District, and Municipal OfficesMunicipal Year:1. Municipal Offices
Municipal Offices:town/city council, board of finance, board of education, board of assessment appeals and alternate, board of zoning appeals and alternateState Offices:governor, US senate, US congress, state senate, state representative, secretary of state, treasurer, comptroller, attorney general, judge of probate, registrar of votersFederal Offices:president, US senate, US congress, state senate, state representative, registrar of voters
Petitions A
Petition forms for candidacies for nomination to municipal office or for election as members of town committees shall be available from the registrar beginning on the day following the making of the party’s endorsement of candidates for such office or position, or beginning on the day following the final day for the making of such endorsementAfter certification of the petition is presented to the registrar, they forthwith file with the clerk the registrar’s certificate as to the whole number of names on the last complete enrollment list of such party in the municipality not later than 7 days after receipt of the petition
Petitions B
If the petition concerns a municipal office to be voted upon at a state election, the registrar shall file and send a form prescribed by the Secretary of the State including the name and full address of each candidate, the title and district of such office before 7 days lapse
Notification to town clerk
If a notice of primary is filed with the registrar within the time frame for a candidacy for nomination by a political party to any municipal office or for election as a town committee member by or on behalf of any person other than party-endorsed candidates, the registrar shall forthwith after the deadline for certification of party-endorsed candidates notify the clerk that a primary is to be held by such partyTown/City Clerk publishes in a newspaper a legal notice that should include party, date, hours, and location of primary
Receiving petitions A
Candidacies of persons other than party endorsed candidates for nomination by a political party to a municipal office to be voted on at amunicipal election, or for election as a town committee member shall be filed with the registrar not later than 4pm on the 34 day preceding the day of the primaryCandidacies of persons, other than party endorsed candidates for nomination by apolitical party to a municipal office to be voted on upon at astate electionshall be filed with the registrars not later than 4pm on the 63 day preceding the day of the primary
Receiving petitions B
On the last day for filing primary petition candidacies the office of the registrars shall open not later than one o’clock pm and remain open until at least four o’clock pm with registrars or their deputy or assistant registrar present
Before the deadlines
Notify candidates & contestants of their right to submit a list of polling place officials including ones that may accompany supervised absentee voting. All the designees must be electors of the town.Check for the last day for candidates & contestants to submit a list of desired official poll workers in writingNotification to the Town Clerk of the location of central absentee ballot counting. The clerk shall include that information in the legal notice for the primaryAbsentee ballots are available on the 21stday before the primary
Eligibility to vote at a primary
5 days before the primary the registrar, MVD post office or a registration agency must receive anew votersorunaffiliated votersregistration form town clerkAnew voter or an unaffiliated votermay apply in person until noon on the day before the primarySeventeen yearoldswho are able to vote in November may vote in the primary if they are registered in the party holding the primaryPARTY TRANSFER DEADLINE----3 months before ALL primariesDate is noted in the registrar’s calendar and on the letters of acceptance mailed to the voterImportant information for voters to know
Exceptions to 90 day deadline
Letter of acceptance has an acceptance date into the party of choiceMinor partyMunicipal parties
Elections workers at a primary
One moderatorOne assistant registrarOne but no more than two official checkers for eachlinenlessthereOne but no more than two ballot clerksOne but no more than two tabulator tenders for each tabulator in useTwo absentee ballot counters (unless there is central counting)The statutes prefer that party members be used. However, the statues do allow non-party members and unaffiliated voters to work.If both parties are engaging in a primary one moderator is allowed.Each registrar is responsible for their party
Notices & forms for primaries
Designate in writing to the town clerk a polling place in an adjacent district before 90daysIfapplicable file with the local building official a request for a waiver to provide an accessible polling place for physicallydisabledApplication for a waiver of accessibility of polling place to be filed before 60thdayDesignate in writing to the town clerk the central location for the counting of absentee ballotsFormto town clerk the number of enrollment after petitions arecertified (CVRS)Notification of candidates to SOTS if there is a state office during a municipal electionNotice to town clerk that a valid petition for municipal office has been filed. Notice should include candidates (endorsed and petitioning),their addresses and desired offices, voting dates, sites, times and location of central counting.Certificationofthe number of ballots ordered to SOTS before the 21stday before the primaryNotices of registration and enrollment sessions
Notices & forms for primaries
Notification to candidates of their right to submit a list of moderators and election officials before 21 days before the primaryCertificate of polling place & moderator information 31 days before the primary. It should include name, address, moderator contact information and corresponding districts associated with each polling place to SOTSNotice to chairperson of the town committee of the date, time and location of tabulator testingCertification of the tabulators to the SOTS before the 10thday before the primary34days before primary prepare ballots with Clerk
Notices and forms for primary
Notice to candidates and party chairperson before 7 days before primary of their right to submit a list of unofficial checkers to the registrars no later than 48 hours before the primary
Contesting or complaining
Any elector or candidate aggrieved by a ruling may bring his complaint to any judge of the Superior Court for appropriate action
End of the night results
Send results to SOTS, Town Clerk, and any other entity that has requested theinformationEMS may be used for primaries





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