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Principles of Curriculum -

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Principles of Curriculum
Inextricably linked to pedagogyLeading to higher standardsEngagingRooted in what we know about child developmentBroad and balancedTailored (iechild centred)Skills basedBased upon entitlement
Informative/Useful Fun Full of VarietySkills –based Encouraging of independent learningRelevant to 21stCentury! Motivating and engagingTailored to the child’s starting pointMakes best use of assets (child’s strengths, facilities, resources) and compensates for deficits (poor language skills)
21stcentury pedagogy should be?????:-
“Folk” Pedagogy (Jerome Bruner)
Knowledge is “stuff”.We need to “fill” children with it (children need to “know their stuff”–“Folk” Pedagogy (Jerome Bruner) knowledgeis a commodity).People’s learning theories are heavily influenced by how they were taught themselves – true of many parents???Also some teacherschildren grouped but working alone and not encouraged to learn collaboratively (Galton’s research in the 70s and confirmed in the 90s).default model – I tell you stuff then ask you to write about it.
A holistic approach to teaching and learning
Skills (Subject specific and thinking skills)which have to be taughtAttributeswhich have to be nurturedEnvironmentwhich has to be set up
Topics Suggested on Family Questionnaires
Castles/knights/kings/queensSpaceEarthquakes/volcanoesMorecambe as a seaside townLocal history – Lancaster as a port, Morecambe fishing industryTransportPeople who help usFashion/music through a decadeMagic and mysteryTheatre and musicalsRobotsWWI and IIInventorsCarsTitanicArtistsInsects and wildlifePiratesCountries*An overarching topic such as ‘Change’ which could be applied to different curriculum areas
The Torrisholme ‘Bucket List’!
A visit to the theatre (musical, drama, ballet, opera, outdoor play?)A live music concertCookingVisit a farmLearn to swimRaise money for charityCultural residentialTrain rideOpen top bus rideBoat rideCamping outside – putting up tents, campfire, cookingSchool sleepover – stars/moviesFilm makingWalk up a hill/mountainCompetitive sportsSchool swapOutdoor activities such as canoeing, climbing, den building etcEntrepreneurshipCareer taster sessionsVisit the Power StationOutdoor residentialVisit the seasideA live sports eventMeet with people in the community – police/fire/lifeboatsBirdwatchingVisit different places of worshipVisit an art galleryVisit a castle
The Non-NegotiablesSo Far…
Maths and English will be taught for a minimum of 5 hours each week.Phonics sessions will take place every day in EYFS and KS1.Each class will have a class novel/stories ‘on the go’ at all times.Each class will take part in two hours of physical activity each week.Every child will take place in a production each year.There will be one culturally themed day each year.There will be one whole school topic each year.There will be one whole school event each yeareg: a whole school picnic.Each class will have a minimum of one outdoor experience each half term.Themes will culminate in an event which provides an audience/purpose. Shared with parents?Each term a minimum of one enhancement linked to a topic will take place in each year group.
Curriculum Aims
We want the curriculum to enableallyoung people to become:successful learnerswho enjoy learning, make progress and achieveconfident individualswho are able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling liferesponsible citizenswho make a positive contribution to society.
What is special about your school and what makes it unique? Think in terms ofassets&deficits
ChildrenStaffEthosStandardsEnvironmentWhat might you need to add to your school to enrich the children’s experience?





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Principles of Curriculum -