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Welcome to the PTAC Kernel Training Tuesday August 15 ...

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Welcome to thePTAC Kernel Training
It is the goal of thePathway to Adventure Councilto build and serve thehealthiest and strongest unitsin the communities we serve
Popcorn– Why do it?
A component of ahealthyandstrongunit is it’s ability to fund itself
Popcorn 2018
A simple and exciting way for units to fund their amazing program with excellent support from their council!

Character DevelopmentGain ConfidenceGoal SettingMoney ManagementLife LessonsPublic Speaking
Selling popcorn =

Consumers are2x more likelyto support a cause to believe in!
We are selling ADVENTURES!! Not popcorn…
$55 Chicago Bears Specialty Tin$30 Cheese Lovers Box$30 Military Donations$20 Chocolate Caramel Crunch(bag)NON RETURNABLE!!!$20 Premium Caramel with Almonds, Cashews, and Pecans$20 18-pack of Unbelievable Butter microwave$15 White Cheddar$10 Classic Caramel Corn$10 Popping Corn
Dates to Remember
Monday August 27 - Show and Sell orders Due (5 PM)Saturday September 8 - Show and Sell DistributionMonday September 17 - Re-Order #1 Due (9PM)Thursday September 20 - Re-Order #1 Pick Up(Service Centers)Monday October 8 - Re-Order #2 Due (9 PM)Thursday October 11 - Re-Order #2 Pick Up(Service Centers)
Dates to Remember (Cont’d)
Saturday October 27– Show and Sell ReturnShow and Sell Returns Due(full cases only)Show and Sell Payments DueTake Order Due– Monday October 29 (5 PM)Prize Orders/Scout Tracking Due Friday November 2Final Payments Due– December 1
Pick up & Return Logistics
South Area (New Process Steel, Alsip):Tall Grass, Voyager Trace, Arrowhead, Greater South Side, Iroquois Trails, Crossroads,Nishanbec, Prairie Dunes, and ThunderbirdNorth Area (Prologis, Schiller Park):Founders, Indian Trails, Twin Lakes, Blackhawk, Pathfinder, North Woods, and Signal Hill
Placing anORDERversus aREQUEST
If a unit wishes to ORDER product for Show and Sell. They will place their order as is. The Popcorn Team will not modify an order. Units that utilize this option will only be allowed to returnUP TO 10%of their order.If a unit wishes to REQUEST product for Show and Sell. They will submit their request [email protected] Orders may be modified in conjunction with the district executive and the leadership of the unit. (Adjustments will be based on past sales history, with a growth factor figured in.) There is NO LIMIT on returns for REQUESTS.RETURNS WILL BE FULL CASES ONLY! Scout Registration & WebpageCreation Overview (Online Selling)
Visitwww.trails-end.comClick “REGISTER”: in the top right-hand cornerSelect SCOUT/PARENT as the type of account you would like to registerSelect whether you are under the age of 13Continue to complete your registration following the instructions providedThis automatically lists your Scouts in the tracking part of the TE system, which we need when you turn in your prizes.
Online Selling
Make account registration part of your kickoffPick a location that has access toWifiand ask parents to bring a tablet or smartphone (have extra laptops available if possible)Walk parents through the quick steps of registration, and run through the ways to share the personalized fundraising pageHost a text messaging blitz campaignPick one meeting night to hold the blitzGive parents ample notice for the eventSend each Scout’s personalized fundraising page to friends and family via text message
Online Selling Tips/Best Practices
Product mix is subject to change at any timeIf parent get orders at place of business, using Scout’s online account, product can get shipped right to office.Check online orders nightly, see if possible to get them all sent to Scout’s house and deliver them to local customers. Saves on the shipping costs.

How to prepare
How to have a successful fundraiser
How to have a successful fundraiser
Plan your Scouting programAlways get input from Scouts and familiesCreate a budget that captures all costs of the programDetermine how much fundraising is required to cover the cost of programSet fundraising goals (per unit, per Scout)Create a fundraising planDetermine key dates, incentives, amount of popcorn to order, show-n-sell locationsRecruit a popcorn team to help share the loadPlan/host a fun and engaging kickoff partyArrange for popcorn pickup / distributionHost a fun kickoff to communicate your fundraising plan and goalsCheck-in with Scouts and parents weekly on their fundraising progressHit your fundraising goalsHave a fun and adventurous year in Scouting!
Set goals
Set goals for your unit and for each Scout.Scouts who set goals selltwice as muchas Scouts who do not set a goal… same is true for units.Goals should be based on your budget to fund the Scouting year.If a Scout runs out of product, encourage him to continue toSELL to his goalby taking orders to be filled later!
Helpful Resources
Visit after this Kickoff for more good ideas and resources!Download and Customize the following:Program Planning SpreadsheetScout Incentive HandoutUnit Kickoff PresentationParent HandoutProduct and Promotional ImagesSelling Tools – Posters, Scout Sales Script & Safety Tips Cards, etc.Also available…Training VideosTrail’s End Scholarship InformationFrequently Asked Questions

How to host a great Kick Off
Unit Kick Off Party
The single most important thing is…ENTHUSIASM!If it’s not you, then find that person!Dress up the room, pop popcorn.Have games for Scouts to play the minute they walk in the door.Role play a “sale” either at a storefront or at the neighbor’s door.Families should walk out excited, informed, and ready to sell.
Scout sale script
Hi, my name is _______________ (say first name only).I’m a Scout with Pack/Troop/Crew _________ here in _________ (city/town).I am raising funds to earn my way to Scout Camp next summer (or other big adventure).(Hand the customer the order form and a pen, and point out your favorite flavor. Consider recommending a $20 or more item.)You’ll support me, won’t you?Practice, practice, practice!The most successful sellers can recite this in their sleep.
Practice Sale Script Game
Line your Scouts in two long lines facing each other and give each pair a ball.The Scouts with the balls will deliver their sales pitches while their partners across listen.When they are done, have them pass the ball to their partner so they can practice.Walk around while this is happening and give constructive criticism and praise.Repeat and have fun!
A Scout’s Plan to sell $750…
Show your families how easy it is to hit their goal. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
$250$200+ $300$750
Start with family, friends, Mom and Dad’s co-workers, closest neighbors, etc.Participate in two storefront shifts with an average of $100 sales per shiftCanvas your neighborhood by going door-to-door.Don’t forget to…Create an online sales account and send emails to family and friends who live faraway, as a way to help you get to $750 even EASIER!
Trail’s End National Rewards
Earn Money for College!
Online Prize Program

Scouts Earn All 5 PatchesParticipation:Sell One ItemOnline:Make One Online SaleMilitary:Sell One Military DonationOne of Each:Sell One of Each ItemSellers Club:Reach Selling Goal (set by Council)Top Seller in unit prize to be determined
Checkered Flag Experiences$750 Sellers Club
Lap of Honor Experiences($1000 Sellers Club)
Camp Cash Option
The PTAC prize program has high quality prizes at EVERY level, but also offers a family to select a 15% (of your Scout’s total sale) camp cash option to be used for PTAC council camping properties or National BSA high adventure experiences in 2019. Let your Kernel know that your scout is choosing Camp Cash instead of prizes.

Training Resources
Need Assistance
If you need any assistance with the forms, navigating the TE system, or any other question related to the popcorn sale, please reach out to:Blaise Lukasiewicz1-312-421-8800 X [email protected]

Good luck and have fun!!





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Welcome to the PTAC Kernel Training Tuesday August 15 ...