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Dr.LissaPower-deFur, CCC-SLP
Jane Jones, CF, and her mentor, Sue Smith, CCC-SLP, met the first week of workJane has not met with her supervisor, Sue, for a whileJane has attempted to contact Sue several timesSue repeatedly apologizes for not meeting with JoanSue needs to sign Joan’s SLPCF rating form at the 12 week markSue will sign all of the papers at the end of 36 weeks.Sue says that Joan “is doing fine” based off of other’s observations
Molly, an ASHA-certified SLP, recently retired from the schoolsShe is currently working at Happy Hollow Nursing HomeMolly completed three dysphagia workshops and shadowed another SLPHer caseload is mainlydysphagia therapyGraduatestudents are placed with Molly byJoEllyn, from a local universityThe graduate students complain about how Molly only offers dysphagia therapyMolly tellsJoEllynthat Medicaredoesn’t aphasia therapy
Paul and Maria are ASHA certified SLPs working in a community clinicPaul’s interests include working with adultsPaul was offered a job with a rehabilitation agencyHe tells Maria about the job offer the morning of his last dayMaria expresses that Paul does not care for his clientsUpon reviewing Paul’s client information, she notices that files are missing and others are incomplete.
Julie Jones, CCC-SLP is an early intervention speech-language pathologistChildren must be identified with a 25% delay before their 3rdbirthday to receive servicesC.P. needs to be evaluated by Julie, but his appointment is changed to a few days before his 3rdbirthdayWhen Julie arrives, C.P. is sleepingJulie interviews C.P.’s mother, but doesn’t assess his skillsJulie determines C.P. has a 25% delay without a formal assessment.
Patricia Lee Stevens is an ASHA certified SLP in a small private practiceMs. Stevens assesses a 6 year old, A.A., with thePreschool Language Scales 3rdEditionAccording to the assessment, A.A. has both a receptive and expressive language delayClara Fowlkes picks up A.A. on her school caseload and reads through her file
InaPykle, an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist, works in a community services boardMs.Pyklehas asked to reduce her hours to part-timeThe facility has hired a speech language pathology assistant to fill in on the days Ms.Pykleisn’t working.The SLPA has a bachelors degree in communication science and disordersMs.Pykleinforms her director, Mr. Bayed, that a SLPA can not provide the same level of service as a certified SLPMr. Bayed tells Ms.Pyklethat she is in charge of training the SLPAto cover for her
Tommy has been referred to an audiologist by his school SLP following a failed hearing screeningThe audiologist, Alfred Douglas, performs a hearing evaluation and Tommy’s hearing is normalTommy’s family questions the necessity of the hearing evaluation, especially due to lack of previous hearing concerns, and a financial strainDr. Douglas contacts Sally Patterson, the school SLP, and asks about the hearing screeningsThe hearing screenings were conducted in thecafeteria and the date of audiometer calibration is unknown.
Sophia Lopez, CCC-SLP, provides services to Joey in a school settingJoey has severe cerebral palsy and an intellectual disabilityDue to the progress Joey has been making, his parents ask the SLP to provide services in the homeJoey’s parents are offering an attractive rate to SophiaSophia agrees.
Stan English, CCC-SLP provides early intervention services to his communityStan works with Latino families without an interpreterA Latino family moves from Stan’s community to a community served by Maria Isabel, CCC-SLP, a bilingual SLPMaria learns that Stan read the IFSP to the Spanish-speaking family in EnglishStan has also neglected to provide the family with a Spanish version of the IFSPThe family does not know their rights to earlyintervention services
SalleyFinley, CCC-SLP , provides speech services as a PRN at a skilled nursing facilityThe SLP evaluates Mary Stevens who presents with moderate-severe oropharyngeal dysphagiaAfterSalleyFinley, CCC-SLP recommends therapy and diet modificationsThe resident declines any intervention but does not sign the mandatory waiverSalleyFinley discontinues involvement with the familySueVizer, the full-time SLP, noticesSalleyFinley’s evaluation without a signed waiver.
Samantha Lewis, CCC-SLP, is presented with a doctors prescription for a client to consume a regular dietClient presents with significant swallowing problems: choking and coughingPrimary nutrition: nasogastric tubeSamantha believes that feeding the client normal food is dangerousSchool administration refuses to feed the client a normal dietClient’s parents insist a regular diet be implemented
Mary T. Day, CCC-SLP is getting married on SaturdayShe will be on her honeymoon the following weekMary decides to submit Medicaid billing before the sessionMary’s clients do not show for their sessionsShe does not correct her paperwork before the weddingMary says she will remember to omit billing next timeOphelia C. Dawson, CCC-SLP notices Mary’s billing error





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WVA Cases -