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Webinar - Affordable Learning

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San Francisco State’s AL$InitiativeZyBooksWelcome! Please introduce yourself to others by enteringyourname, title, and campusin the chat window.If you need to use the telephone for audio only,dial1-888-337-0215and enter PIN4878513
WebinarSeries – September 2015
Webinar Agenda
IntroductionsLeslie KennedyDirector, Affordable Learning SolutionsSan Francisco State AL$ InitiativeBrian BeattyAffordable Instructional Materials (AIM) CoordinatorAssociate Vice President, Academic Affairs OperationsMonica MunozAIM Project ManagerSenior Instructional DesignerZyBooksKathleen HayesAlex GoldbergSusanLyseckiDavid RubyWrap Up
Recent AL$ Activities
CSU San Bernardino faculty development day -- AL$ presentationCA Open Online Library –http://cool4ed.orgSJSU Innovation & Collaboration Expo for Teaching & Learning, October 1 – 2, 2015SJSU Open Access Conference, October 23, 2015Open Education Conference, November 18 – 20, 2015
“AL$” at SF State
Affordable Instructional Materials
A brief history of AIM
GovernanceSteering CommitteeOperations TeamCommunicationsStudent SurveyCommunication PlanFaculty ShowcaseEventsAIM WebsiteAwardsFaculty Projects
AIM Governance
Steering CommitteeBrian Beatty: AVP of Academic Affairs OperationsMaggie Beers: Academic Technology Executive DirectorNicole Bohn: Disability Programs & Resource Center DirectorDeborah Masters: University LibrarianOperationsTeam2 DPRC Staff5 Librarians5 Faculty Members (LCA, COB, HSS, GCOE, COES)1 Bookstore Representative1 Information Technology Services Representative1 Academic Senate Member
Student Survey
Developed & Reviewed a 6-ItemSurveyDistributed Survey:LMS:iLearnlogin pageDigital Signage (Student Commons, Library, etc.)AIM/AT ListservSummarized Data inInfographic
Affordable Learning @ SF State
AIM Website: Student Perspective
AIM Website: Faculty Showcase
AIM Website: Open Educational Resources
AIM Website: Getting Started with AIM
AIM Website: Events and Opportunities
AIM Website: About AIM
AIM Awareness Day
Breakout session 1:Custom Publishing (Library)Digital Course Packs (Bookstore)LuncheonIntroduction to AIM at SF State(5) Faculty PresentationsBreakout session 2:Searching for OER (AT)How to Find and Adopt Open Textbooks (COERC)
Elizabeth Brown: PACE
Completed Faculty Project 2014-15
AnoshuaChaudhuri: Economics
Completed Faculty Project 2014-15
Pat Donohue: Instructional Technology
Proposed ProjectWho:ITEC 816: 30 studentsGoal:Create “checkout lab” for materials, including $45 textbookHow:PurchaseSmartPensand Nooks with eBook for student useProjected savings:$1,700/termActual savings:$1,700
Completed Faculty Project 2014-15
Tara Lockhart: English Department
Proposed ProjectWho:English 214: 3,500 studentsGoal:Eliminate print version of textbook $25How:Move print text online using LMS “book” featureProjected savings:$75,000/yearActual savings:$87,500
Completed Faculty Project 2014-15
DawnElissaFischer: Africana Studies
Proposed ProjectWho:AFRS 310: 30 studentsGoal:Eliminate textbook cost $88How:Use LMS to post OER materials and links to peer reviewed articlesProjected savings:$4,500/termActual savings:TBD
Completed Faculty Project 2014-15
VenooKakar: Economics
Proposed ProjectWho:Econ 825: 30 studentsGoal:Eliminate course material cost $540How:Adopt open textbook, open source software(R) and link peer reviewed articles through LMSProjected savings:$20,140Actual savings:TBD
In-Progress Faculty Project 2016-16
Proposed ProjectWho:55 sections ofComm150: 1,650 studentsGoal:Reduce cost of textbook from $85 to $40How:Adopt open source textbook and custom publishing packageProjected savings:$66,000Actual savings:TBD
In-Progress Faculty Project 2016-16
Crystal Wong: English
Proposed ProjectWho:English 104: 55 studentsGoal:Eliminate course material cost $100How:Adopt open textbook, use LMS to post workbook materials and submit assignments to eliminate printing costsProjected savings:$8,000Actual savings:TBD
In-Progress Faculty Project 2016-16
Michael Bar: Economics
Proposed ProjectWho:Econ 310: 60 studentsGoal:Eliminate course material cost $190How:Write open source textbook and adopt free software (R)Projected savings:$11,400Actual savings:TBD
In-Progress Faculty Project 2016-16
Hsiao-Yun Chu
Proposed ProjectWho:DAI 360: 25 studentsGoal:Reduce student material costHow:Collaborate with local suppliers and the bookstore to discount supplies and implement a donation center for unused suppliesProjected savings:$500Actual savings:TBD
In-Progress Faculty Project 2016-16
Total Savings* to Students
*total does not include rent digital, libraryebooks, etc.
Brian BeattySF State AIM CoordinatorAVP Academic Affairs [email protected] MunozSF State AIM Project ManagerAT Instructional [email protected] State AIM Website:affordablelearning.sfsu.eduThank you!

Less Text, More Action
AgendaWho We AreWhat is a zyBook?zyBook DemozyBook Usage by CSU ProfessorQuality and Affordability

zyBooks is both a publisheranda platformScalable, cloud-based, feature-rich, publishing platformTo date we have built:11zyBooks
Programming in CProgramming in C++Programming in Python 2 & 3Programming in JavaAP Computer Science (Java)Discrete MathematicsComputing Technology for AllProgramming in MATLABProgramming Embedded SystemsDigital Design
3 SBIR grantsTotal $1M
2014 & 2015Best Paper Award
3 patents filed
Growth in 2 years
The company started in 2013 and zyBooks arecurrently in use by:70,000 college students600 classes280 universities98% renewal rate

Growingcustomer base70,000 Students280 Universities
zyBook Usage in the CSU System
Sonoma State University(2015)California State University, Chico (2013)California State University, Fresno(2014)California State University, Long Beach(2014)San Diego State University (2014)California State University, Northridge (2013)San Francisco State University (2014)San Jose State University (2014)California State University Sacramento (2015)zyBooks Used:C++, Data Structures, Discrete Math, Python 2.7, C, Java, Digital Design, Matlab
Why zyBooks for StudentsHighly interactive material (notjust digital)Animations, Simulations, Interactive toolsHelps student Identify what students think they know vs. what they really knowStudents learn “by doing” vs simply reading

WhyzyBooksfor ProfessorsView class participationCalculates % complete by class and by studentFlexibility in course and book designRearrange chapters/sections,makesections optionalAdd customized notes
zyBook DEMO
Professor David Ruby CSU Fresno
Uses Programming in C++ zyBook for CSCI 40Using zyLabs Fall 15’Testimonial
Quality and Content
Susan Lysecky, PhD(Formerly Assistant Professor at Univ of Arizona)Author/additional authorAlgebra, Computing Technology for All, Digital Design, Data Structure EssentialsQuality and contentPedagogies - less text, more action works!Most content written by PhDs, active professors who teach materialFuture zyBooksIncrease number of zyBooks 2x+ by 2017Looking for authors ([email protected])
zyBooks have proven to improveStudent Learning Outcomes
User studies showing improved grades1945 students, 4 classes, 3 universities2013 - 2014

Letter grade improvement
Higher scores on Exams
Higher Scores on Projects

zyBooks provide higher outcomes & engagementTextbook*vs.zyBooks
128 students, randomly assigned zyBook/textbookImprovement score = score on post-test minus score on pre-test
* Study at UC Riverside, CS 10: Programming in C++, Fall 2013
64%Improved scoresfor lowest quartile
86%More time spent
24%More engaged
Improvement score

16% more improvement

64% more
Initially lowest quartile
High engagement: An indicator of disruption
40% of students don’t buy the “required” textbook, yet~100% subscribeto the “required” zyBook,Engagewith the zyBookfor several hours/week

95%of instructors requirethe zyBook

88%Activity completion in“required” sections

Over 2 hours/week4 to 5 30-min long sessions/week

14,396,101Activities submitted Jan 1 – Mar 31~ 850 activities per student

~100%Sell-through for“required” zyBooks
Redefining the Learning Process
ZyBooks:InnovativeEffectiveComprehensiveQuality ContentStudent FriendlyAffordable: $48zyLabs:Save professors and TAs time and energyProvide INSTANT feedback to studentsEasy to customize and to shareAre not dependent onzyBooks- can be used with any other tools or booksAffordable: $15-$19 per student - System-wide discounts available
Get Your Hands On A zyBook Today
Alex Goldberg:[email protected] Berns:[email protected] simply log on to:
Thank you and Questions
San Francisco State AL$ InitiativeBrian BeattyAffordable Instructional Materials (AIM) CoordinatorAssociate Vice President, Academic Affairs OperationsMonica MunozAIM Project ManagerSenior Instructional DesignerZyBooksKathleen HayesAlex GoldbergSusanLyseckiDavid Ruby





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Webinar - Affordable Learning