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Cyberbullying 101 -

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A Guide for parents, teachers, and students
Cyberbullying 101
What is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is just like the bullying you remember from school, except that it uses electronics. Instead of harassing someone in person, Cyberbullies harass with computers and cell phones.
What are some ways to cyberbully?
Harassment—sending mean or offensive emails, instant messages, text messages, etc.Denigration—sending gossip or rumors that are intended to damage someone’s reputationImpersonation—pretending to be someone else and posting messages that would get the person in trouble or would damage his/her reputationOuting—divulging someone’s personal information or secrets electronically
What are some other ways to cyberbully?
Deception—tricking someone into revealing personal information and then sharing it onlineExclusion—using message boards, social networking sites, and email to exclude someoneCyberstalking—like regular stalking (harassing, threatening, etc. repeatedly), except that the stalking happens online instead of in person
What are the effects of cyberbullying?
Students who are victims of cyberbullying have reported feeling:AngryDepressedIsolatedScaredIn extreme instances, students have committed suicide out of desperation caused by cyberbullying.
Bullies are just boys, right?
Wrong! Bullies and cyberbullies can be girls or boys.Bullies tend to be angry, depressed, or upset about something at home or elsewhere in their lives.If you think your child might be bullying others, find help for your child. Guidance counselors, teachers, principals, and your family doctor may all be able to help your child express his/her emotions in a positive manner.
My kid won’t talk to me. How do I know if he/she is beingcyberbullied?
Some signs that your child is a victim of bullying:WithdrawalDepressionReluctance to go to schoolChange in behavior or academic performance
I think my child may be a victim of bullying. What should I do?
Talk to your child!Do not encourage your child to retaliate.Help your child practice beingassertive.Seek help! Your child’s teacher, principal, and school counselor are all good sources for help.
I am beingcyberbullied, and I don’t know what to do . . .
Tell an adult you trust! You will get help!Some suggestions:Your mom or dadOne of your teachersYour principalYour school counselorYour pastorAn adult in your family: grandparents, aunts, uncles
Where can I find more information or help with cyberbullying?
STOP Cyberbullying Research Center Crime Prevention Council
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Cyberbullying 101 -