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Health Reform and the Delivery System_ A Discussion of the ...

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National Health Policy Designed For LocalProgram Service Delivery
Jack O. Lanier,DrPH, MHA, FACHEExecutive DirectorQuin Rivers, Inc.A Community Action Agency
Community Action Agencies
1964 – created as part of the War on Poverty.Provides for -Economic Opportunity Act“To stimulate a better focusing of all available local, state, private and Federal resources upon the goal of enabling low-income families, and low-income individuals of all ages in rural and urban areasto attain the skills, knowledge, and motivations and secure the opportunities needed for them to become self-sufficient.”
Quin Rivers, Inc.An Overview
Quin Rivers, Inc.:AVirginia-based, non-profit 501c3 community action agency headquartered in New Kent County, Virginia.Mission:Strengthening Individuals, Families, and Community Development to eliminate poverty and improve the plight of low-income community residents.
Quin Rivers, Inc.Organizational Structure
Comprised of:17 – member Board of Directors representing low-income individuals; local county government; area-wide industries; the faith community; social services; public health; local public school systems; and local stakeholder groups.21 Staff located at two office sites:New Kent – 15Fredericksburg – 6
Quin Rivers, Inc.Operational Structure
Includes four standing committees of the Board of Directors:The Executive Committee–Transacts urgent agency business between scheduled meetings of the full board; sets the agendas for the bi-monthly Board of Directors meetings; and acts as the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors.The Finance Committee–Responsible for supervising the proper fiscal administration and expenditures of all funds and financial related-matters.The Personnel Committee -Establishes and reviews personnel policies; practices and procedures; and monitors classification and compensation matters. It also functions as the Equal Opportunity Committee for the Board of Directors.The Strategic Planning Committee –Develops a long-range organization blue-print, including goals, objectives, and strategies that allow the agency to fulfill its mission with maximum efficiency and impact.
Quin Rivers, Inc.Agency Service Areas
Includes Counties of:Caroline, Charles City, Hanover, King & Queen, King George, King William, New Kent, Spotsylvania, and Stafford.City of Fredericksburg.Town of West Point.Population includes over 1 million people.Over 200,000 living below the 200% poverty level.
Healthy FamiliesProgram Definition
A nationally recognized, evidence-based home visiting model program designed to work closely with over-burdened families who are at risk for adverse childhood experiences, including child maltreatment.Assists residents in Charles City County & New Kent County.
Healthy Families(con’t)Community Indicators
Teen Pregnancy Rate (per 1,000 females ages 10-17) in the Greater Richmond service area is 16%.85% of women in the Greater Richmond area received pre-natal care.35% of all births in the Greater Richmond area were to single mothers.
Healthy Families(cont’d)Impact Statements
Risk factors of teenage births include:high risk of health problems for both mother and child; low educational attainment, and a high risk of lifelong poverty for both mother and child.Pregnant women who receive proper prenatal care early in their pregnancies tend to deliver healthier babies than women who do not.Women who give birth outside of marriage tend to be more economically disadvantaged than their married counterparts. Children born to unmarried women are more likely to have low educational attainment and occupational status, live in poverty, and have premarital births themselves.
Healthy Families(cont’d)FY2015 Client Services Outcomes
Served159clients.Services included:Client assessments.Emergency financial services.Home visits.Information and referrals.Parenting Classes.Transportation.
Project DiscoveryProgram Definition
A post-secondary access preparation program designed to assist students to connect and focus on the need to remain in and graduate from school.Provided to eligible students at James Monroe High School located in the City of Fredericksburg.
Project Discovery(cont’d)Community Indicators
82% of Greater Richmond area students graduated high school on time.82% of adults have a high school diploma or higher.The Greater Richmond area has a 9% drop out rate.
Project Discovery(cont’d)Impact Statements
Youths who drop out of school have lower salaries, are more frequently unemployed, and are more likely to end up on welfare or in prison.Adults with at least a high school diploma are more likely to have acquired the basic skills for earning a living and maintaining self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.Higher education, especially completion of a bachelor’s degree or more advance degree, generally enhances a person’s employment prospects and increases his/her earning potential.
Project Discovery(cont’d)FY2015 Client Service Outcomes
83 students served.Services Included:College campus visits.SAT, ACT, and college application fee waivers.Workshops.Career Showcases.Scholarships.Individual & Family counseling.Community engagement opportunities.
Project HopeProgram Definition
A critically important program to assist survivors of domestic violence, and sexual assault, and their families. Assistance includes individual and group counseling for adults and children, court advocacy, emergency financial services and crisis intervention.Assists residents of Charles City County, King William County, King & Queen County, and New Kent County.
Project Hope(cont’d)Community Indicators
The Founded Child Abuse and Neglect Rate (per 1,000 children under age 18) in the Greater Richmond area is 2.7%.In New Kent County 22% of victims missed time from school/work and/or loss income due to sexual violence.18% of New Kent County sexual violence victims reported to the police.
Project Hope(cont’d)Community Impacts
Research shows that children who were victims of maltreatment are significantly more likely to display problem behaviors during adolescence, including serious and violent delinquency, teen pregnancy, drug use, low academic achievement, and mental health problems.The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds 8.3 billion per year (United States).
Project Hope(cont’d)FY2015 Client Service Outcomes
2006 clients served.Services Included:Individual and group counseling for adults and children.Court advocacy.Emergency financial assistance.Crisis intervention.24-hour Hotline #1-877-966-4357.Prevention education programming in middle and high schools.Hospital accompaniment.Summer camps.
Describe the impact of the War on Poverty.Explain the role of federal, state, and local governments have on the plight of low-income individuals and residents living in poverty.Identify resources necessary to advance a community action agency’s mission.Describe the intent and purpose of the 1964Economic Opportunity Act.
Contact Information
Dr. Jack O. LanierExecutive [email protected]





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Health Reform and the Delivery System_ A Discussion of the ...